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The United States urged Turkey not to escalate tensions in the Aegean Sea

Washington has urged Turkey to soften its stance and reduce activity in the Aegean Sea on the background of the tension between Athens and Ankara, reports Kathimerini edition, citing sources.

According to the newspaper, US officials have begun contacts with Turkey on this issue for fear that conflicts between countries can lead to dangerous incidents. As a reaction to the US call for the Turkish side, not reported.

The relations of Turkey and Greece intensified after the failure of the Greek court in late January issue of eight Turkish soldiers involved, according to the Turkish authorities to the attempted coup.

Last week, the military court in Turkey and Greece closer dangerously near the disputed islands of Imia (Denizli) in the Aegean Sea. Earlier, the Greek authorities reported an increase in cases of violations of the country's airspace by Turkish military aircraft, as well as the unauthorized entry of Turkish Navy ship in the territorial waters of Greece.

The focus was again a territorial dispute between Greece and Turkey over the Imia islands. Neighborhood disputed territories visited the Turkish Chief of Staff, and several days later the island in a helicopter flew over the Greek Minister of National Defence.

In 1996 year dispute over the territorial jurisdiction of the two rocky islands of Imia in the Dodecanese archipelago in the Aegean Sea has led to a crisis in relations between Greece and Turkey. The conflict was stopped after the intervention of the international community, NATO and the United States. In the last days of the crisis, in January 31 1996 years in the conflict area Navy helicopter crashed in Greece, killing three Greek officers. The cause of the accident was called technical problems.

A source: RIA News

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