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US will test the "sensitivity" of Russia in the Black Sea

US will test the "sensitivity" of Russia in the Black Sea

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The Pentagon explained the increase in its military presence in the Black Sea by the "increased activity of Russia" and the need to protect NATO allies. In Moscow, building up foreign power is commented calmly: the Black Sea is the zone of our domination and the US Navy ships here are "under full control." But what happens if the Americans exceed the number of ships provided for by international treaties?

"The American demonstration of power in the Black Sea is a signal for Russia." This type of headlines, the US media reported on the increase in the presence of the US fleet in the water area, which is strategically important for Russia. This American presence was increased twice last Sunday.

The states are building up their military presence in the Black Sea, considering this a necessary response to the "increased activity of Russia" in the region. This source CNN said sources in the US military department. The US military presence is intended to become a new norm for Russia and to "reduce sensitivity" in relation to US military activity in the Black Sea. "Sensitivity" of Russia is checked regularly. However, the fighting efficiency of the Black Sea Fleet is also tested regularly.

The last time such was during the American-Ukrainian doctrines

Last Saturday, Karni passed the Bosporus Strait and entered the Black Sea the next day. This destroyer is equipped with the Aegis missile defense system, Tomahawk cruise missiles and Harpoon anti-ship cruise missiles.

Earlier, another American destroyer, Ross, also equipped with Aegis and Tomahawks, entered the Black Sea. It should be noted that it was Ross who participated in a missile strike at the airfield of Shayrat in Syria. Previously, the area left the British destroyer Duncan. As noted by the newspaper VZGLYAD, last year the fleet closest ally of the United States of Great Britain returned to the Black Sea for the first time after World War II.

As for the appearance in this water area of ​​"Karni" and "Ross", the explanation is contained in the official statement of the command of the US Navy. "Our decision on the joint use of two ships in the Black Sea is active, not reactive," Vice Admiral Christopher Grady, commander of the 6 fleet, said in a comment to the official website of the fleet.

The same statement was recalled: the last time simultaneously two US ships were in the waters of the Black Sea in July 2017 during the American-Ukrainian exercises Sea Breeze.

During these exercises, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was on board the destroyer "Karni". And in January of this year the same destroyer made a visit to the port of Odessa. Let's notice, that for 2017 year the American ships have visited "a pearl at the sea" not less than ten times.

Support for Kiev is not limited to these visits. In August last year, in Ochakovo, US military engineers began to build an operational center of the Ukrainian Navy. Even Ukrainian experts did not rule out a VIEW in a conversation with the newspaper - this could be the beginning of the creation of a future NATO base in Ukraine.

On the eve of elections

As a threat to our country, the US can only increase the number of ships to look at our reaction. This, apparently, "a big and far-reaching plan - to pull Russia in advance of the elections," commented the former commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, in a comment to the newspaper VZGLYAD. He also recalled the frequent flights of American aircraft to the borders of Russia in the Baltic. So "they will pull", the interlocutor considers.

"Russia is not" increasing its presence. " It keeps its forces within the Black Sea Fleet, "the admiral stressed. At the same time, the reorganization of the Black Sea Fleet can not but cause the reaction of the United States and its NATO partners. Recall that, according to the current fleet commander Admiral Alexander Vitko, with 2014 for 2017, the Black Sea Fleet received over fifty units of military equipment.

"Now the Black Sea Fleet is not exactly on its feet, it is steadily worth it. Brings combat service. And the zone of it - not only Black, but also the Mediterranean Sea ", - stressed the source.

Americans, as usual, tend to throw dust into their eyes, create hysteria, perhaps now they are motivated by the question of money and the budget, the admiral admitted. Komoyedov added:

"It is possible that the US wants to press Russia against Syrian, Ukrainian or other issues."

At the same time, Americans are acting cautiously, without violating the existing international legal regime of the Straits and the Black Sea.

Visit to the shores of the US, too, will not violate the agreement

The United States pursues the goal of "exerting pressure, demonstrating something," but now is a time of peace, so the US can do "everything only in compliance with the norms of international maritime and civil law," commented in a commentary to the newspaper VZGLYAD, another ex-commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Kasatonov . The Black Sea is a zone of our domination, and the US Navy ships here are "under full control," the interlocutor stressed.

If the Americans exceed the number of ships provided for by international treaties, or if they go to our territorial borders, then this will be a violation, the head of the Federation Council Commission for the Protection of State Sovereignty Andrei Klimov explained to the newspaper VZGLYAD. However, "there is nothing good in this, if only because where is America and where is the Black Sea?"

"Imagine that we will let the squadron and it will float around Cuba or Venezuela and periodically approach the US water space. Clearly there will be panic, screams, horror, accusations and much else, "Klimov summed up.

Admiral Komoyedov, in turn, said: in case of violation, we could send a couple of submarines to Philadelphia or Miami, said the admiral. "But we will not force up the situation," Komoedov said.

In the end, you can repeat the experience with the destroyer "Donald Cook". Komoedov recalled: when in 2014 in the midst of events in the Crimea the Donald Cook entered the Black Sea, the Russian front-line bomber Su-24 overflew the destroyer 12. We add that the installation of the "Hibiny" REB disabled the electronics of the Aegis missile defense complex. "This was a shock to the Americans, the Pentagon accused Russia of violating international treaties, and 27 American sailors filed a report of dismissal," Admiral Komoyedov recalled. "We, by the way, could have done so that" half the crew "wrote a letter of resignation," Komoedov said.

Marina Baltachevo, Michael Moshkin
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