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The USA for the first time since 1999 a combat aircraft

Syrian Su-22, shot down by an American fighter-bomber F / A-18E Super Hornet - the first aircraft since the war in Bosnia, destroyed in an air battle, said the portal Military Times. This is the last example of the tension that arose between the Syrian regime, supported by Russia, and the coalition forces of the United States, the publication believes.

The night before it became known: the Su-22 fighter-bomber of the Syrian Air Force was shot down by an airplane of the US-led international coalition F / A-18E Super Hornet. Information spread the headquarters of the coalition.

The coalition planes carried out a "force demonstration" operation to stop the advancement of the Syrian government army, according to the Military Times portal. The report says: the representatives of the coalition contacted the Russian side on the "conflict resolution line" in order to defuse the situation.

However, after about two hours, the Syrian Su-22 dropped bombs on the position of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" (a coalition of opposition groups supported by the United States and its allies), the Military Times asserts. "In accordance with the rules of collective self-defense," the Syrian aircraft "was immediately shot down by an American F / A-18E Super Hornet," the coalition press release said.

The coalition explains its actions by the fact that "hostile intentions of pro-presidential forces against the coalition and its partners in Syria" are unacceptable, since the coalition "conducts legal operations against IGIL *".

In Damascus they emphasize that the aim of Su-22 was the position of the militants of the "Islamic state *". The pilot of the aircraft has not yet been found, information about his death is not confirmed.

The destruction of the Syrian government air force aircraft is the latest example of the tension that has arisen between the Syrian regime supported by Russia and the US coalition forces, the Military Times points out.

The destroyed Syrian Su-22 is the first aircraft destroyed by the Americans in an air battle since the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, the Military Times states. Then, in 1999 by the air-to-air missile over Bosnia, the MiG-29 Air Force of Serbia was shot down. Unmanned aerial targets are knocked down much more often - so, on June 21 an American aircraft was shot down by a Syrian armed drone.

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Author: Michael Moshkin

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