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The US undertook to build a new state in Syria

The US undertook to build a new state in Syria

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Although the current US president promised to leave Syria before the elections after "knocking the spirit out of IGIL *", in fact it turned out the other way around. Washington, in fact, began to build a new quasi-state - the Syrian Kurdistan - and is already training security forces to protect the borders in 30 thousand bayonets. Russian experts evaluated the US aspiration to "redraw the borders" in the Middle East.

On Monday, Damascus condemned the United States decision on the formation of the "Border Security Force" on the country's north-eastern border, the Syrian state news agency SANA reports.

In the Syrian Foreign Ministry, the US intentions were described as "a flagrant aggression against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and an outrageous violation of international law." The authorities also called on the international community to put an end to the "arrogant and hegemonic policy of the United States administration."

In Ankara and Moscow, too, are enraged by Washington's decision to form a new army in Syria under its auspices - from the Kurds and allied Arabs. The representative of the American coalition, Thomas Wil, casually recalled that the Pentagon really will not have any right to remain in Syria after the destruction of IGIL *. However, he did not begin to explain, on what then legal basis Washington allows itself such broad gestures as the creation of a quasi-army in the territory of a foreign country.

Recall, an international coalition led by the United States announced in Syria a new military structure - the Border Security Force (SBG).

"The coalition is working with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDC) to create and train new Syrian border security forces," said the spokesman for the coalition, Thomas Wil, quoted by the Defense Post.

"The base for the new power structure is, in fact, about 15 thousand representatives of the Syrian democratic forces, which will be regrouped into a new mission as border security forces, as their struggle against the IG * is over," Wil said. He added that about 230 people have already gone "to the first class," that is, to the first level of training.

The coalition plans the number of SSGs at about 30 thousand people. The size of the SDS group today experts also estimate in 30-40 thousand fighters, most of whom are Kurdish militiamen.

Wil added that the "security forces" will be located in the valley of the Euphrates River - along the western margin of the territory controlled by the SDS, as well as along the Iraqi and Turkish borders.

The US initiative came after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday announced that the Turkish military could launch an operation in the Kurdish-controlled regions of Manbij and Afrin in northwestern Syria within a week.

"The US is taking steps that legitimize the terrorist organization - it causes concern," Erdogan's spokesman Ibrahim Kalyn said to Vil.

Ankara reserves the right to "any fight against terrorism", both inside the country and abroad. "Turkey will take all measures to ensure its security", - quotes Kalyn RIA Novosti.

Military experts believe that special border forces will really be needed - until the IGIL militants finally finish off.

"The creation of the border security forces in Syria primarily concerns the Iraqi borderlands," Anton Mardasov, head of the department for studies of the Middle East conflicts of the Institute for Innovative Development, explained to the newspaper VIEW, reminding that "American fire groups" have been established long ago on another part of the border - with Turkey. immediately appear during the Kurdish-Turkish exacerbation. They "are the guarantor against serious shelling of this territory," the expert explained.

In his opinion, the Syrian-Iraqi border is an important region for the IGIL from the point of view of survival. These are desert areas, dotted with deep faults, caves, which are very difficult to control. In these tunnels, Al Qaeda used to live. There, the American army suffered significant losses there, when during the Iraq war tried to smuggle fighters from there, Mardasov said.

"In order to effectively hunt the militants who stayed there, we need such" border renewed forces that know the terrain well, "the expert said. "Even not all Syrians living in other provinces know it, because it is quite specific."

The Americans took up the "dismemberment"

Strong protests against the decision of Washington sounded on Monday and in the Russian parliament. In Moscow, as in Ankara, it is believed that the formation of the UBC will be the first step towards the creation of a future Kurdish quasi-state in the north of the Arab Republic.

The attempt of the States to create under their aegis in the north of Syria the so-called security forces is the way to the actual dismemberment of the republic, warned the chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Informpolitik Alexei Pushkov. He wrote on his Twitter:

"Officially, the US - for a single Syria. In fact - for the fragmented. "

His colleague on the upper house, the head of the international committee, Konstantin Kosachev, stressed that such actions of the United States violate the UN Charter. The senator told RIA Novosti that the fight against IGIL does not tolerate unilateral and uncoordinated actions. According to him, the Americans "must have been convinced of this since August 2014, when they first tried to deploy their own operation against terrorists."

The plans of the US speak of the previous desire to overthrow Bashar Assad, said Leonid Slutsky, head of the State Duma's international affairs committee (LDPR).

"What is the purpose of creating new coalition forces?" Not to mention that the continuation of the stay of Western military forces in Syria violates its sovereignty, such a line can prove that the real goal of the US is to change the regime at any cost, rather than continue the fight against international terrorism, "Interfax quotes Slutsky.

And his colleague on the lower house, the head of the defense committee, Vladimir Shamanov (United Russia), called the actions of the US and their partners "boorish" from the standpoint of international rules and stated that "their swinish behavior to protect obscure interests has already passed all the permissible framework decency ".

The US actions directly contradict the interests of Russia, therefore, of course, "we will take some measures to stabilize the situation in Syria and our colleagues," Shamanov promised.

Damascus, too, should not be capricious

Anton Mardasov believes that Washington's decision indirectly, on the contrary, is even beneficial to Moscow, since now the main task is reconciliation of Damascus with different parts of the Syrian society, and the formation of the SBG will make Bashar Assad more compliant in the dialogue.

The Americans will also use this factor to put pressure on Damascus, so that he negotiates with the Kurds, the interlocutor added. "To decline Damascus to political regulation is necessary, because now our UN representatives also note that, against the backdrop of the latest successes, Damascus has got into the bottle and some decisions are openly sabotaging," Mardasov lamented.

The military expert also considers even the useful stay of American soldiers in Syria. Americans do not need to leave, the expert is sure. He recalled that the Arab tribes with Damascus had a "historically very complex relationship". And, in his opinion, in the SDS, "of course, the Kurdish factor is strong," but do not forget that they include Arab tribes.

"All these eastern territories to control Damascus is not able. Controlling their Shiite formations is dangerous - all radical elements use the propaganda factor to build up their audience. Therefore, very serious forces are needed that will really control these lands, "the expert concluded.

The frontier of the name Thomas Vila

If you look closely, the lines mentioned in Thomas Vil's statement cover the northern part of the ATS. Thus, it can be assumed that this will be a further development of the idea of ​​a self-proclaimed FSS, the territory of which lies within the above-mentioned borders.

"This means that the United States is forming an enclave in Syria. At present, we are talking about the creation of quasi-state entities, "the Orientalist Alexander Ignatenko, president of the Institute of Religion and Politics, told VZGLYAD. He recalled that a similar process in the north of Syria the Kurds themselves had already begun, proclaiming the so-called Federation of Northern Syria (FSS).

It can not be ruled out that the enclave being created will in the end only be Kurdish, Ignatenko noted. However, according to the expert, most likely, it will be Kurdish, and Arab, and Assyrian - these are all the groups that are part of the SDS. Both the Arabs and Christians of different nationalities participate in the creation and administration of the FSS, although the advantage remains with the Kurds, he stressed.

But Ignatenko is not sure that it will come to the official division of the FSS from Damascus, since the partition of Syria can lead to unpredictable consequences for all participants, the war can drag on for many years.

"Since almost all the actors involved in the crisis speak of the integrity of Syria, perhaps one of the options would be the federalization or even the confederalization of Syria. It can not be ruled out that in the Sochi trial we will talk about this, "the expert said.

Washington does not want the preservation of the territorial integrity of Syria, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday. "Just yesterday, a new initiative was announced that the US wants to help the so-called forces of democratic Syria create certain zones of border security. By and large, this means the isolation of a vast territory along the borders with Turkey and Iraq, "the minister said.

* Organization, in respect of which the court accepted an inured decision on liquidation or prohibition of the activity on the grounds provided the Federal Law "On Countering Extremist Activity"

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