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US thinking on the revision of the visa-free regime with EU

US Secretary of Homeland Security Dzhon Kelli said that due to the increased risk of terrorism to US authorities need to review visa-free regime with the European countries.

In his speech, the Minister underlined that acts of terrorism risks in the US are now as high as in September 2001 Mr. Kelly noted that the authorities must take into account the possibility of penetration of terrorists into the United States involved in the conflicts in Iraq and Syria.

"We still are facing the highest threat of terrorism over many years. The threat to the United States has not diminished, it has grown and become more decentralized. The terrorist risks today as high as in September, almost 16 years ago.

This is bad news, but it would be even worse. According to experts, approximately 10 thousand. European citizens have joined the terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. Many thousands more profits from Asia, Africa and the Western Hemisphere. They have learned to collect improvised explosive devices, use the drones for dropping bombs, and lessons learned on the battlefield they return home.

We expect that these "holy warriors" will return and will arrange a murderous chaos in Europe, Asia, the Maghreb, the Caribbean and the United States. And since many of them are citizens of countries with which we have a visa-free program, it is easier to get into the United States, which makes us one of the main goals for the export of terrorism. "

It is worth noting that the visa-free regime with the EU program mentioned by the head of the US DHS, does not act in its entirety. According to MEPs, the United States do not comply with the criteria of the program, without providing visa-free travel to a number of European countries.

As reported by the portal "Vesti.Ekonomika", for this reason, in early March 2017 of the European Parliament expressed the need to return the visa regime with the United States.

"The European Commission is obliged by law to take measures for the temporary return of the visa requirements for US citizens, taking into account the fact that Washington still has not provided a visa-free access to the United States for five EU countries.

As part of the European Parliament adopted resolution calls on the Commission to take the necessary measures "within two months".

US authorities have still not abolished visas for citizens of five EU countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, Romania and Croatia. At the same time US citizens still have access to the EU without a visa. "

A source: Maintain Economy

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