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US thinking about the creation of a military base in Crete

At a meeting with the head of the Ministry of Defense of Greece head of the US defense department said that the Court base "is in the hands of capable member of NATO's southern flank."

The United States will explore the possibility of expanding NATO naval base at Suda Bay on the Greek island of Crete. This was announced on Friday, was held in Washington in a meeting with the Minister of National Defense of Greece Panos Kammenos Pentagon chief Dzheyms Mettis.

"You, of course, referred to the Court .. - key naval facility, which we share with you We are grateful for what you take us there when we need it to be possible (there is) a definite need to expand it a bit... we will certainly examine it ", - said the head of the military department of the USA Greek counterpart.

At the same time, he noted that we are talking about "the largest deepwater port in the Mediterranean." The US is very fortunate that the Court base "is in the hands of capable member of NATO's southern flank," Mattis said.

Head of the US military in once again claimed that, in his view, NATO should "stand up to Russia and that what she was doing."

the press service of the Pentagon, in turn clarified that Panos Kammenos and Mattis discussed "migration across the Mediterranean, terrorism and instability in the Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East." Mattis praised "strategic support provided by Greece in the fight against terrorism and extremism." Ministers agreed that "security on the southern flank of NATO is of vital importance for the alliance."

A source: TASS

Author: Dmitry Kirsanov

Tags: Greece, Military Base, US, NATO, Navy, Navy

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