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It became known possible cause of the explosion and fire in BC in Cyprus

All evidence indicates that the cause of a severe fire in the business center in Limassol arson, according to news website newsit.com.cy.

On Friday morning 7.45 (8.45 MSK) thundered a loud explosion, followed by several more, and started a fire in the room known in Cyprus Beauty Institute.

"According to the owner of a beauty institute, damaged the main entrance to the premises, which housed the Institute, and fire and police Limassol found that the combustible materials have been established as the main entrance to the office, and within offices. The owner of the company told the police that the only motive for such an act could be customer dissatisfaction "- the newspaper writes.

Most of the evidence points to arson, the site notes.

So far no information on casualties. Three fire service group entered and inspected the building and excluded the possibility that there were people inside.

Material damage from the fire significantly.

The business center is located and offices of the Russian-language radio stations "Russian Wave", they are not damaged during the fire, but the radio broadcast was interrupted due to a power outage.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Cyprus, Limassol, explosion, accident, fire

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