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It is known the name of the new prime minister of Lebanon

It is known the name of the new prime minister of Lebanon

Tags: Lebanon, Middle East, Politics

The leader of the Sunni party "Mustaqbal" Saad Hariri became the new prime minister of Lebanon, it said in a statement the country's presidential administration.

The President of Lebanon Michel Aoun signed a decree on the third day of November 12.00 days of the appointment of Saad Hariri as prime minister of the country "- read a statement to journalists in Beirut representative of the presidential administration.

"President Michel Aoun instructed Prime Minister Saad Hariri to form a new government," the presidential administration said in a statement.

As a result of elections, Hariri's candidacy was supported by MPs from the 110 128. The last vote of the deputies of the Party of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who also spoke in favor of the candidacy of Hariri.

Elections for prime minister took place in two stages and lasted for two days. During the election turns deputies met with the head of state and gave their votes. Based on what the president by majority issued a decree on the appointment.

Saad Hariri is the leader of the Lebanese Sunni party "Mustaqbal". The son of slain Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has held the post of Prime Minister in the year 2009.

Michael Alaeddin
RIA News
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