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Old good England (Historical educational program)

Old good England (Historical educational program)

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It so happened that in speaking of Great Britain and its inhabitants, English parliamentarism is mostly remembered, which is a certain standard of British gentlemen and the theater of the great Sheskpir. The nation of "enlightened navigators" ... In fact, the British are: Nazis, racists, colonizers and hangmen. That's about these their "achievements" worth talking about.

The noble and noble image of "good old England", which was created for centuries - a completely false picture, the crane has little in common with reality. All the facts below are generally known. However, combined together, they are. perhaps, they will make someone look at Britain in a different way and help to better understand her current aggressive actions. So:

1 Britain - the birthplace of Nazism

If someone still believes that the "light" ideas of racial domination, the chosen "Nordic race", which the whole world should belong to and the like of the cannibalistic raving, which ended in Khatyn, Babi Yar and Auschwitz, "bestowed on" mankind "the gloomy Teutonic genius ", it is deeply mistaken. Homeland of Nazism as an ideology - just "foggy Albion."

Meet Thomas Carlyle (believed to be the de facto progenitor of fascism), Houston Chamberlain (an Anglo-German writer, sociologist, philosopher and racial theorist), James Hunt (in 1863, made a report in which he conferred the Negroes on the "intermediate" look between the monkey and the man) , Francis Galton (cousin of Charles Darwin and the founder of eugenics - "science" of human breeding for the cultivation of an ideal race), Karl Pierson (mathematician, statistician, biologist and founder of biometrics, racist direction of social Darwinism), declaring th: "The right to live does not mean the right of everyone to continue their kind."

All - one hundred percent British gentlemen, yeah ... "I admire the English people. In the matter of colonization, he accomplished an unheard-of "- by the way, this is the true words of Adolf Hitler. The devilish Fuhrer had to praise the British for that - in fact, all the basic ideas for him were prepared by them. Herr Schicklgruber simply developed them creatively and applied them in practice. Thomas Carlyle was a consistent anti-Semite, convinced of the divine mission of the Nordic race. It was Carlyle. in fact, and was the first Nazi. The ideas of this British philosopher were developed by another "spiritual father of Nazism" from the coast of Albion - Houston Stewart Chamberlain. From the point of view of the German Nazis, Chamberlain became a "seer of the Third Reich."

In Hitler's Germany, Francis Galton was called "the father of conscious cultivation of races on the road leading to the superman". But the most powerful influence on German Nazism was the British eugenics professor Karl Pierson, who claimed that the engine of human progress was racial conflict. Especially impressed by the German Nazis put forward and substantiated by Pearson the thesis of "the need to seize territories where white people can live ... and which should provide the space necessary, with a high birth rate, to infuse new forces into the empire."

By the way, in Britain itself, the British Union of Fascists, led by Baronet Oswald Mosley, was created in 1932. His leader was arrested only in 1940 year and spent in jail "already" ... three years! Subsequently Mosley quite comfortably lived up to 1980 year - unlike Hitler.

2. Concentration camps - the invention of the British

When someone in your presence tells you again that concentration camps are the idea of ​​the Bolsheviks or the Nazis, to weave something about the attribution of their authorship to Trotsky or whining about the "first concentration camp in Solovki," you can safely spit this person in the eye . He or a fool or knowingly lies. To date, the fact that the concentration camp - both the term itself and its implementation - is a purely Anglo-Saxon "merit" has been established 100%. True, some historians argue - who was the first: Americans during the Civil War 1861-1865 years, or, after all, the British during the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 years?

However, most historians "give the palm tree" to the British. Moreover, even if in the United States for the first time they drove for a prickly provovalku of prisoners of war, British gentlemen, undoubtedly, began to drive the purely civilian population there first of all in history, with whole families. The purpose of creating concentration camps, according to official statements by the British government, was "to ensure the safety of the peaceful population of the Boer republics."

In the descriptions of the events of that war, Burmese General Christian Devet mentions concentration camps: "The women kept the waggons ready, so that in the event of the enemy approaching they should escape and not enter the so-called concentration camps, which the British had just established behind the fortification line in almost all villages with assigned to them strong garrisons. " The men sent the British to concentration camps in India, Ceylon and other British colonies. In total, in the concentration camps, the British contained 200 thousand people, which accounted for about half of the white population of the Boer republics. Of these, at least 26 thousand people died from hunger and disease.

For only one year - from January 1901 to January 1902 - about 17 thousand people died in concentration camps from hunger and disease: 2484 adults and 14284 child. For example, in the camp of Mafeking in autumn 1901 about 500 people died, and in the camp in Johannesburg almost 70% of children under the age of eight died. The most remarkable thing is that in the usual British hypocritical and deceitful manner these camps were called "Refugee" (a place of salvation)! When Britain once again tries to vyakat something about the "horrors of the Gulag," it needs, in the words of representatives of its current "establishment", to "shut up and leave" ...

3. The British are world leaders of genocide

Practically complete extermination of indigenous Indian peoples inhabiting the territory of the present US is a fact well-known. There is also no doubt that the vast majority of those who were engaged in the Indian genocide in America were from Britain, or the immediate descendants of those. By the way, the colonization of America South, which was carried out by the Spaniards and the Portuguese, was extremely cruel, but the nature of the total extermination of the Indians, their genocide, did not carry.

However, most clearly the essence of the British "gentlemen" manifested itself during the colonization of Australia. By 1788 (the beginning of colonization), the indigenous population of Australia was, according to various estimates, from 300 thousand to 1 million people, united in more than 500 tribes. In 1921, the Australian Aborigines numbered less than 60 thousand ... The British destroyed in Australia by various estimates to 90-95% of all natives. On the island of Tasmania, the indigenous population was completely destroyed - to the last man.

"Europeans can hope for prosperity, because ... black will soon disappear ... If shooting natives in the same way as in some countries shoot crows, then their population will eventually decrease dramatically," it is not an exiled convict who, according to drunk, said it was written by a certain gentleman Robert Knox in his "philosophical study of the impact of the race." "Black can only shoot - in another way, they can not be communicated!", "They do not want to work and therefore are not fit for anything except to get a bullet" - typical statements of English P selentsev those years.

The Australian Aborigines were plagued with deliberately imported diseases, especially smallpox. However, from the pneumonia, tuberculosis and venereal diseases, local indigenous people also did not have immunity and British "civilizers" used this with might and main. The Australian and Tasmanian aborigines were raided, poisoned, driven into the desert, where they died of hunger and thirst. White settlers gave the aborigines poisoned food. White settlers hunted Aborigines as wild animals, not counting them as humans. Normal entertainment "enlightened seafarers" thought to drive a whole family of Aborigines (best of all - with small children!) Into the river with crocodiles and enjoy the spectacle.

Such things were not at all the property of an exclusively "gloomy past" Up to the 30-ies of the twentieth century, Australian massacres against the aborigines took place. In the 70-ies of the Aboriginal families children were withdrawn, who were subsequently forbidden to know their native language and somehow to contact their parents.

"Anglo-Saxons are the only exterminating nation on earth." Never before, until the now-inevitable destruction of Indians, Maori (indigenous New Zealanders) and Australians-no race so numerous has been wiped off the face of the earth by conquerors, "are the words of the British radical politician- the liberal of Sir Charles Dilk.

4. British - hanged children

In no case should we not think that the brutal, outrageous brutality of the British manifested exclusively to representatives of other nationalities and races. They simply did not consider them as people. However - and with their own compatriots created such that the blood in the veins becomes cold. London in the sixteenth century was called "the city of the gallows" - for example, during the reign of Henry VIII (1509-1547 years), there were executed only 72 vagabonds for thousands of people.

Over time, the British laws are not that they did not relent - and became tougher to the most incredible extent! In 1688, there were fewer than 50 crimes in England, for which execution was punishable by death, and by 1776, their number had already grown to almost 200 [1]. The "Blood Code," as the UK criminal legislation of the early nineteenth century was called, was extremely cruel and envisaged the death penalty for about 220-230 of various crimes, including, for example, theft of turnips, damage to fish in ponds, stay in the forest disguised or with weapons.

Particularly zealously in those days hung gentlemen of tramps and beggars. In the country there was a process known to historians called "fencing" - noble sirs decided that it is much more profitable to contain sheep, of wool which subsequently weave famous English fabrics than letting tenants sow bread. Pastures needed land, factories needed working hands. Commoners of Britain, driven from their allotments, were given a choice - slave labor at the machine tool, or - the hangman's loop.

For vagrancy, children were hanged! It is Britain that owns one of the most disgusting "world records" - in 1708 in England, seven-year-old Michael Hammond and his sister eleven years old were hanged. They committed a terrible crime - they stole a loaf of bread. Declared in court documents as "a child 8-9 years", John Dean was executed in Britain in 1629 year for arson. John was accused of setting fire to two barns in the city of Windsor, in one day he was tried, sentenced and sentenced, despite the fact that as a result of the fire none of the people were injured.

Public executions were abolished in Britain only in 1868 year, and the minimum age in 16 years from which a person can be executed is only in 1908 year .... And do not. please make discounts on "harsh times", "gloomy Middle Ages" and the general cruelty of morals! Does not pass. In 1749-1772 years only on the territory of London were sentenced to hang 1 121 people, of them actually hanged 678. For all 34-summer time of the reign (1762 - 1796 years) of the Russian Empress Catherine II, 3 is known for the execution of executions. One of the executed - Emelyan Pugachev. During the 1810-1826 period, 2 755 people were sentenced to death in London and the county of Middlesex, which belonged to him. For 25 years of the reign of Emperor Alexander I (1801 - 1835 years), throughout the vast Russian Empire, 24 was executed ...

Gentlemen! Shut up - and leave ...

5. The first in the world of drug mafia was created by the British

Well, and at last - we will recollect one more shameful page of the British history. Specialists call it "opium wars". However, it would be more correct to call everything that happened the creation of the first in the world mafia system, the main source of profit was the drug trade. Moreover, this is. not only the first, but, perhaps, the only case when the "death dealers" for their own dirty money, in fact. have turned into drug addicts a whole nation.

In the first half of the XIX century, the largest on the planet 300-million people was Chinese. The scheme of the British transnational narcotransit, which worked for almost two hundred years, was very simple and effective. The British East India Company monopolized the industrial production of opium in Bengal, a former part of the British colony of India. It was there that the highest quality opium was produced. The members and shareholders of the company were the first persons of the British Empire - lord peers. It was they who began to form drug abuse in China.

Initially, the company established the "China Internal Mission", whose task was to adduce to the opium of Chinese peasants through the promotion of opioid. This created a market for opium, which was filled by the British East India Company. In proportion to the import of opium, the use of drugs in China increased enormously, and the "Chinese internal mission" did a tremendous job of brainwashing the spread of opium among the Chinese. In China, the opium market was first created, and then filled with Bengal opium. This created a vicious circle, as a result of which the richest India and China were rapidly squeezing, becoming increasingly dependent on England.

Almost 13 percent of India's income under British rule gave the sale of Bengal opium to its distributors in China, operating under British control. Britain possessed a complete monopoly on the supply of opium to China. It was the official monopoly of the British government and royalty. Opium chicken bred in China as a locust, slowly killing its population. So only in one Shanghai, for the period from 1791 to 1794 year the number of licensed opium smokers increased from 87 to 663. Opium trade pumped huge money out of China. Every British monarch from the year 1729 received huge benefits from the drug trade, and this is also true of the ruling crowned person.

What is it - if not the classical drug mafia, with the only difference being that her pahan was crowned in the most direct sense of the word ?! To make the spread of drugs a state policy and an article of the state budget - before such could reach only the Anglo-Saxons. In the future, this situation resulted in two destructive wars in China, called "opium" and a full-fledged British occupation. Opium plunged China into a decades-long crisis that seemed irreversible. By the middle of the 20th century, the plantation of opium poppy, which was cultivated in China itself, occupied up to a million hectares, and the number of potion consumers was measured in tens of millions. To put an end to the domination of the drug mafia in the country could only the Communists, who came to power, just shot the drug dealers and burned down the plantations of bad potions ...

Well, that's almost all I wanted to tell you about Britain today. Oh, yes - I completely forgot. There is also a great culture! Well, yes ... Well, yes ... As without it! Would you like a couple of quotes, gentlemen? "The only reasonable and logical decision with regard to the lower race is its destruction!" - this is a favorite of us all in her youth, Herbert J. Wells. And yet: "England was able to seize power over the Overseas Territories thanks to the" special favor of the Lord, "and the payment for his mercy was the shedding of English blood." This is already Reddyard Kipling. Aha - "Mowgli", "we are of the same blood". And also - "The burden of the white man." Only to read it it is necessary in the present translation, instead of on Marshak ...

These poems belong to the pen of the most famous English writer Rudyard Kipling.

"Soldiers, carry in the colony
Love on a peaceful bayonet,
The alphabet in the left pocket,
A rifle in the right hand.

And if the black bastard
Will not take our worries,
They will quickly rasagitiruet
Our teacher, a machine gun. "

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