Today: January 17 2019
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The old woman Got Game

The old woman Got Game

Tags: Opinions, Europe, Middle East, terrorism, France

Europe play the game. France play the game. Got Game European obschecheloveki.

We played in tolerance. Zaigrilas to their European values ​​- in freedom, democracy, liberalism, open borders, Schengen and the list goes on.

Of course, cruel to say so today. But it's true.

And when even talk about it?

Other days you say, do not say - it is useless, do not come.

Other days obschecheloveki liberal orientation beat their butt to the chest and scream that Saddam Hussein was a dictator Muammar Gaddafi - the dictator, Bashar al-Assad - a dictator. Whether business Europe - freedom, democracy, gay marriage Hope truncated. Happiness without borders. Hooray!

Well, hang Saddam, Gaddafi was torn to pieces, went to war with Assad. So what?

There will be peace in the world? There was freedom and democracy in the Middle East?

No. There will be chaos, war and terror. Just at first rattled attacks within Iraq and Libya, and the liberal obschecheloveki prefer not to notice them. And when they pointed out - we read the same mantra about the dictator Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, who had to be destroyed for the sake of the triumph of freedom and democracy ...

Sound familiar?

Yanukovych had to get rid of, because it bloody dictator and agent Putin, and this came after the riots ... and won, Putin is to blame ...

True Europeans was difficult to accuse Russia of terrorism that began in Iraq and Libya, after the destruction of "bloody dictator", so they ... just pretend that nothing happens.

And then we went to war in Syria. Yes, it is unleashed. Because supported "moderate Syrian opposition" - both morally and financially, politically and economically, with arms and money. That's only moderately this opposition did not stay long, only until such time as received weapons. And then moderate opposition somewhere quietly disappeared, and it may not be found until now, but appeared LIH and several other terrorist groups, each the size of a small army.

Just like in a famous cartoon - somewhere has got a beautiful balloon and from somewhere there was an ugly ragged cloth.

So here: LIH and other terrorist groups the size of the army - is a direct consequence of the destruction of Iraq and Libya, it is a result of the overthrow of the very Saddam and Gaddafi, and the results support the Syrian opposition, which is only in words was moderate, and even then not for long, and thoughts from the beginning cherished plans dizhada and caliphate.

Does anyone ask: what does Europe do? What does France?

Yes, at that!

Given that Europe, and especially France, is very convenient to the people devastated by war and terror in the Middle East, lost their jobs, housing, family, former way of life that they moved it to Europe - in such a prosperous, well-fed , security, and most importantly - open.

And among the millions of refugees are present not only housewives who want to find a warm corner and nothing more. Among the millions of refugees, there are those who have lost their home, family, and country, too, but do not put up with this and is eager to repay the Europe of the same coin.

Among the millions of refugees is not only a botanist who has never held weapons in their hands and are afraid of the sight of blood. Among the refugees there are those who previously served thereby dictators - Saddam and Gaddafi. Those who know how to handle weapons. Those whose father served as Saddam and Gaddafi, but was killed for the sake of some abstract democracy, instead of which the land of Iraq and Libya came the terror.

And, of course, among the millions of refugees are those who specifically was sent to Europe to address those or other problems LIH and other groups.

Roughly speaking, in the environment of the refugees have ready-made material for the formation of terrorist groups directly on the territory of Europe.

You can look at what is happening and from a different angle:

If Europe is trying to establish in the Middle East of its democratic system, why would anyone in the Middle East want the same, that is, the establishment of their orders in Europe?

Europe intervenes in the affairs of Middle Eastern and decides who and how should control Iraq, Libya, Syria. Accordingly, the Middle East begins to solve the problem of symmetric, only their methods to the extent possible.

Send an aircraft carrier to the coast of France, the Middle East, no ruler can not. But they can send emissaries to Paris for its methods of warfare.

And everything about Europe in general and France in particular should have thought before, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, when it was just beginning.

Especially it is necessary to think of Paris because of its geographical proximity and close ties with the Middle East and Africa.

We had to think of what will turn the openness, tolerance and multiculturalism other when from the destroyed countries in the Middle East will not only refugees.

Whether totalitarian Europe, whether in France, the dictatorship - they could talk on the principle of "destroy the Middle East, and to the refugees themselves is not empty, will be shot at the border, build a concentration camp." It would be a cruel logic, but the logic. And there was standing to question who wins.

And an open and tolerant Europe - how it can protect themselves from refugees and terrorists?

Practically nothing. No special services will not be able to test a million displaced. No police. Just do not have enough personnel to put to each refugee hour security, outdoor advertising and wiretapping.

Moreover, that woke up too late.

They realized that several million immigrants from Africa and the Middle East managed to disappear in Europe.

After this process began long ago. The flow of refugees has become an especially powerful and went out of control in the last year, but in the past some refugees and migrants were also. They just were not that many and they tried not to focus, hospitably opened the European door for almost all.

And in recent years, 10-15 had to move to Europe, not hundreds of thousands, namely the millions.

In Paris, the entire areas already owned by Arabs and Africans, not the first year. In some areas, the police, or does not come at all, or the police come, "local", that do not necessarily stand on the side of France, and the law, when a conflict of interest.

A similar situation on a smaller scale, is observed in other European capitals. In some cities, the proportion of migrants reaches almost half the population.

So whether in the light of the foregoing wonder what had happened at night in Paris?

I think it happened quite naturally.

It is tragic, but at the same time very natural.

After all this went on.

Safety of free, democratic, tolerant Europe was provided ... those same dictators - Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad. And not by European intelligence agencies. Security in Europe from Middle Eastern terrorists ensured by the fact that Hussein, Qaddafi and Assad kept Islamists under his supervision and control. They did it their methods as they could, someone their methods might not like it, but they worked.

And now, Europe has eliminated rather helped Washington to eliminate those who ensured its security, keeping the Islamists under control by controlling the order in the Middle East.

So that Europe wanted to get after that?

Flowers and chocolates?

And how false then prezidenov words of the United States and France, Prime Minister of the UK and other European leaders that they will resist the terrorists, the criminals will be punished, that the assault on freedom and democracy is unacceptable ...

Yes, the main perpetrators - it ourselves European politicians, the US president and the British prime minister. They created the situation in which the terrorist attacks in Paris have become not just possible, but natural. They gave rise to the very terrorists. It does not matter, even they liked it or not, it is important that the breed.

And in this situation, you can sympathize with them?

It's like that sympathize with a man who worked long and hard shell sawed, waving away all the warnings that the projectile explode. As a result, the shell pulled. Do I have to sympathize with now?

I can only convey his condolences to the relatives of those who directly been killed or injured in Paris. But I'm one of them personally, I do not know. But I sympathize with them in absentia, because these particular 120 people in politics do not decide if they wanted to, and could not change anything. They were the victims and hostages of a foreign policy, a foreign power struggle, someone else benefits.

And Europeans in general, the French as a nation, European and French politicians - for them I have no words of sympathy and support.

They Got Game. They got exactly something that long and consistently walked, waving away all warnings.

And ordinary Europeans, ordinary French is also a concern, because with their support, won the elections Merkel and Åland, with the support of a policy of tolerance and multiculturalism, they supported same-sex marriage and other values, spreading and destroying their society, made him extremely vulnerable.

And the fact that they "wanted the best", or just did not think about what will turn all too trust their leaders to their promises of freedom, democracy and happiness without limits - all this does not exempt them from responsibility.

Ukrainians supporting maidan, or looking at it from the side on the principle of "none of my business," also did not think that everything will turn the loss of the Crimea, the war in the south-east and the decline of the economy. Too trusting promises from the stands. And they too are responsible for what happened with Ukraine.

And we 90-e is passed. We drank a cup of naivete, for its war with the terrorist attacks, with the decline, with the devastation. And for the loss of the Union of the responsibility lies with all those who somehow supported Democrats in 91-year.

And I think it's right to say so today, on the day of the tragedy.

Because the other day will not come. Or come to that, but not to all. Many dismiss.

And today, I hope, many will think.

Therefore, I will not crumble false condolence.

The dead will not return, and the wounded medical help without my advice. And for those who read my text - I wish to draw the right conclusions and not cut grenades and shells, no matter who promised you that fly out candy and flowers.

I wish you all very hard to think about it. Perhaps in the future this will save someone's life - the life that still can and must be saved.

Alexander Rusin
Blog Alexander Rusin
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