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Stoltenberg: In the case of independence, Scotland would lose membership in NATO

Scotland will be deprived of membership in NATO in the event of the declaration of independence, it will have to re-apply for membership in the alliance, said the Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg association in an interview Sky News.

"If that happens, then the United Kingdom will remain a member of NATO, but the newly independent State would have to apply for membership", - said Stoltenberg. He noted that in such a case, the decision to join NATO in Scotland should take all 28-allied countries. Scotland will take the alliance only in the case of a consensus, according to TASS.

This Stoltenberg noted that the issue of joining NATO is not automatically solved, since leaving the UK, as the country will come out of the alliance.

"But of course, apply for membership is absolutely possible", - said Stoltenberg.

Earlier on Monday, Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said that next week will ask permission of the regional parliament to organize a referendum on independence from the UK. Himself a referendum to be held in the period from the autumn to the spring of the year 2018 2019 years.

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