Today: January 18 2019
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Suffering Jordan seeks consolation in the arms of Russia

Suffering Jordan seeks consolation in the arms of Russia

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The King of Jordan, Abdullah II, arrived in Moscow. About whether Vladimir Putin will help to stop his Syrian "suffering", at the request of "Pravda.Ru" reasoned orientalist, President of the Institute of the Middle East, Yevgeny Satanovsky.

King Abdullah II visits us at every aerospace salon and has been friends with Putin for many years, the political scientist recalled. Indeed, many media on the eve of the visit noted that the Jordanian ruler regularly calls the president of the Russian Federation his friend and brother, declaring warm relations with him personally and to Russia as a whole.

Jordan, according to Satanovsky, plays a "passive role" in the Syrian conflict. In its territory there are camps for the training of militants and a "wild number of refugees," but Jordan can not afford to quarrel with Saudi Arabia, because it depends on its supply of electricity, which saves from the "absolute collapse of the energy balance" southern regions of the country.

"And in general, Jordan can not do anything with Saudi Arabia, as with the United States, whose support for the king is important: financial, economic, - any," the expert continued. According to Satanovsky, American, British and German instructors are training in the territory of Jordan, training militants. But Jordan is very afraid that the Islamists (with the account of "hundreds and hundreds of thousands of refugees" in its territory) can oppose the king, and "insists that any prepared groups immediately leave its territory for the Syrian."

"It's no secret that the Jordanian intelligence maintains relations with the special services of Assad," the Orientalist added. "The king has to conduct very serious strikes among the siloviki, removing those who maintained relations with Islamists in the sale or transfer of weapons to them."

That is, everywhere Jordan suffers, it can not act like Egypt - simply "do not care about all the organizers of attempts to overthrow Assad" and lead their own line. This is Jordan's karma, Satanovsky concluded.

On the eve of Abdullah II's visit to Russia, the Lebanese newspaper Ad-Diyar reported that he understands the danger of the alliance that Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States are creating around his country. It is for this reason that the King of Jordan decided to go to Syria and pay a visit to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the newspaper concludes. "This may result in the fact that Jordan will satisfy the request of Russia and agree to the establishment of a military air base for Russian aircraft in the Jordanian province of El Mafraq," the publication warns.

According to the Syrian newspaper Arabi Al-Yaum, Jordan "continues to remain a checkpoint for US forces, militants and weapons." 18 February this edition wrote that in the south of Syria in the hands of armed terrorist groups appeared dozens of Russian "Igla" missiles. Perhaps Jordan bought them from Russia, Azerbaijan or Bosnia, the authors of the article suggested.

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