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The countries of the Middle East called for a common responsibility in the fight against terrorism

The countries of the Middle East called for a common responsibility in the fight against terrorism

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Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri believes that the international community should take a clear position, and calls for collective responsibility in the fight against terrorism and violence.
"The Middle East countries have been facing common challenges for a long time, and we have come to the point where there should be group responsibility in combating intolerance, violence and terrorism." We have come to discuss the protection of diversity, which is an urgent necessity. RF terrorist grouping - Ed.) We must take responsibility that we are entitled to, "Shukri said at an international conference" Religious and Cultural Pluralism and Peaceful Coexistence in the Middle East. " Speech is given in the reverse translation from the Greek language.

Shukri expressed serious concern about the development of the situation in some countries.

"I see concern about the growth in Europe of discrimination against national and religious minorities, between which Arab and Muslim communities, and the establishment of intolerance," the minister said.

He stressed that the "quick and just solution of the Palestinian problem and the cessation of foreign occupation" should not be forgotten, and this issue should not be missing in the dialogue on peaceful coexistence and justice.

Shukri recalled that terrorism caused huge migration flows from the Middle East. "We must see the political, economic, social, civilizational challenges they created in those societies that take such large flows of refugees," the Egyptian minister said.

"The time has come for the international community to take a clear position, a coordinated position against terrorism, which is the main enemy of diversity and peaceful coexistence of our society." The past years were enough to make sure - there is no country, there is no region in the world that would be immune from terrorism, "- said Shukri, recalling the latest terrorist attacks in Egypt.

The representative of Iran, the president of the International Institute for Peace and Religion, Sheikh Tucker, Amiri Golestani, said that Tehran considers dialogue of religious and political leaders, joint search for practical solutions and creation of bridges, overcoming of gaps very important.

"And not only between the West and the East, but also between theory and practice, it is important to create this bridge," said the sheikh.

In his opinion, such conferences should be continued.

"I would like to say that, unfortunately, sometimes the media exaggerate or often oppose us.There are topics that Iran cares about.I believe that we must find ways and channels of communication to give voice to those who do not have a voice. people without a voice heard the rest of the world, so that they had direct access to public opinion, world public opinion, "said the sheikh.

A representative of the Yezidis of Iraq recalled that IGIL * caused great damage to the Yezidis and other religious groups in Iraq, committed war crimes.

"Today, more than six thousand women and girls are in the hands of terrorists, we call on the coalition led by the US to find a solution for the return of these children and women, and secondly, we ask for a solution for the peaceful coexistence of religions," he said.

According to him, the housing of the Yezidis, Christians throughout the country, in all cities and villages, is being destroyed. "Where there were 25 houses, now there is one house," said a representative of the Yezidis.

Representative of Lebanese Syrian community Habib Efrem stated that many countries of the region do not understand what the constitution and rights of a citizen are. "Most of the constitutions say that their own Christians are people of the second category, and so YGIL * came, other extremists came," Ephraim said.

According to him, the Christians and the Ezidies of the Middle East must remain in their homes.

"Migration is not a solution, the second is that the entire Arab world must fight these devils who are trying to steal from them religion," he said.

"But we can not say that this is only a problem, we need a different approach to pluralism: the Shiites of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the Alawites in Kirkia, the Copts in Egypt, the Christians in Syria and Iraq - they all want tolerance and tolerance, they want equality. things in their own names - that is the occupation of Palestine, and this must be solved, as well as in Cyprus, "Efrem said.

According to him, Lebanon became a model of equal treatment of religions in the Middle East.

* Terrorist organization, banned in Russia

Gennady Melnik
RIA News
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