Today: December 13 2018
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The terrible loss of the West: Russian became warriors, not shovels

The terrible loss of the West: Russian became warriors, not shovels

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The West, as a result of the sanctions war, sadly calculates losses. They are great, but hardly fatal. Yes, many Western companies, whose business is focused on Russia go bankrupt, they may be dozens, maybe hundreds of thousands of unemployed, the budgets of the EU countries will receive less billions of dollars.

But the economies of most countries in Europe, yet, on the whole of the Russian autonomous. With the exception of the Baltic states, but oh those interested in their problemy.Tak that survive.

But the most important loss, the loss ultimately could change the geopolitical picture of the world, the West still do not seem to realize.

А зря.

This poterya- a much more terrible than the direct economic losses from violations of economic svyazey.Eto loss of confidence.

The total loss of public confidence in post-Soviet Russia to Western politike.Eto scary. This was not even in the coldest years of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Yes, if our relationship was strained. But the simple Soviet man in the street, despite the formal communist ideological purity, the West has always treated with respect, and where even reverence.

They say, yes, they are opponents, but in general they are-honest guys, and someday will end all the misunderstandings we "hug, she potsaluemsya."

Soviet propaganda of the late Soviet people no longer believed, and believed Zapadu-.

That is why the Soviet people are so easy to come to terms with the collapse of the Soviet Union. They say that we are entering the "civilized world" in which voyny- atavism and history granitsy- administrative arbitrariness and national interests are upheld in a fair market competition.

In the new, post-Soviet, relations between Russia and the West, something happened that was not there at the time of the Soviet Union.


The Russians do not trust the West. The Russians do not believe in an ideological bogey called "civilized world".

No no "civilized" world. There are predators community living according to the laws of the jungle. Where are the real strength of the claws, teeth and muscles of steel, and everything else is the fig leaf masking and rattle.

This, the Russians had received his sight more dangerous for the West than the Soviet people, even the Stalinist era.

He can not be hung liberal deceive and buy trendy jeans. To a certain dilemma of 'guns or butter', it will make a choice in favor of guns, because ponimaet- not have a gun, that's exactly it will not have oil, but can not be saved even most of his body, which is run by oil.

The levers of pressure on the Russian authorities through the manipulation of Russian public opinion of its pro-Western mishandled Kazatchkov broken.

And yes, fled to Israel journalist prava- current Russian worse than the USSR. despite the fact that the former has lost much weight and size. But worse. To his enemies. Because people are different. This is not complacent, relaxed scoops.

This is the people who are ready, at least until morally defend national interests in the struggle, without snot and sentimentality.

Without a naive faith in the false Western ideals and "integrity" of the West.

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