Today: December 17 2018
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The construction of sea caves in Peyia will continue

The construction of sea caves in Peyia will continue

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Despite the many controversies that have arisen on the issue of construction near the caves, the project to create a new five-star hotel and villas has received approval from the government. The project was developed by the construction company Korantina Ltd. To date, the project is in the Department of Environmental Protection.

The other day a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, who heads the department for environmental protection, said that the project to build a new hotel and villas was approved. To this decision, the government came after the construction company Korantina Ltd, took into account some details that violate the law.

The project includes the construction of a five-star hotel with 168 rooms, as well as 24 residences and 20 villas with pools. The construction site is located next to the sea caves and the Ayios Georgios archaeological site, adjacent to the areas Natura2000.

The next stage in the implementation of this project is the elimination of all violations found by the Environmental Protection Department at the site itself, the planned construction. Namely, garbage collection in the territory is required, the elimination of pipes leading to the sea, the elimination of fishing nets and infrastructure for lanterns, which have not yet been removed.

At the same time, the representative of the Green Party Yiorgos Perdikis calls on the government to declare the territory with the sea caves a "white zone". This means that at least for a short period no company can get a building permit. Thus, the party hopes that the government will be able to change its mind and leave the territory of the caves untouched. If the government of Cyprus does not decide not to implement a new construction project, the Green Party plans to file a protest complaint with the EU.

For his part, Mayor Peyi Marinos Lambro said that the territory on which the construction is planned is located on the official tourist area. And the tourist territory was back in 1976 year. In this regard, it makes it possible to implement a construction project, but on certain conditions that will help protect the environment. Also, Marinos Lambro said that if the municipality prohibits construction, then they will have to pay a large compensation. After all, the land has already been purchased by Korantina Ltd for 40 million euros, Cyprus Mail reports.

28 February environmentalists held a protest to stop the implementation of construction projects near the sea caves. Simultaneously, a demonstration was held near the caves themselves. Ecologists are sure that if construction starts on this site, it will bring irreparable harm to the surrounding nature.

Elena Savchenko
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