Today: December 14 2018
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A student successfully runs a village in Cyprus

A student successfully runs a village in Cyprus

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In December 2016, the student of law faculty Nikos Spiro was elected mayor of Lofu village. At 22, he became the youngest mayor in the history of Cyprus. Now Nikos distributes a budget of half a million euros a year, manages a staff of four, delves into the needs of the inhabitants of Lofu and continues to study for a lawyer.

When videoblogger Us, who has more than four million subscribers, was going to fly to Cyprus, he decided to make an 1-minute video about the youngest mayor of the island. For a few days, a video about a Cypriot student, leading a whole village, was watched by over a million people.

Nikos was born in 1994 year in Limassol. His childhood was spent in Ipsonas. In 2013-2015 years he was vice-president of the youth council of Lofu. In December 2016 th put up his candidacy in the election of the head of the village community and won. Of 200 voters it was believed by 109. The most votes for Nikos were given to the people of the older generation. The oldest voter in the village is 93 years old.

In the world it is believed that the older you are, the wiser you are. But Nikos is the best example of the fact that age should not be a hindrance to what you can do, - sums up Us in its 65-second video.

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