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Greek court has called unacceptable reduction in pensions

Greek Supreme Court ruled that the government's decision to reduce the pensions provided for in the new agreement with the international lenders.

Audit Chamber - a department of the Supreme Court of Greece - has found a violation of the European Charter on Human Rights, pension cuts, the government has promised to consider the court's decision and amend the bill.

Recall, the government plans to carry out the reduction of pensions to 18%. In addition, after the reduction of income tax-free threshold for pensioners will lose half pension per year. Reducing touch and pensioners on very low incomes - including those receiving disability benefits.

The government report notes that the decision is a recommendation. Measures, which rendered the court's decision, are part of the bill, which has not been presented in Parliament.

The government pointed out that the bill includes a number of positive aspects, it is about social support for poor citizens. The vote is expected to be held in May 18. 22 May there will be a regular meeting of the Eurogroup on which the decision will be taken on completion of the second phase of the evaluation of anti-crisis reforms that are carried out in Greece, as well as discuss the issuance of new loans, without which Greece can not service a huge debt, which reached EUR 320 billion (180% of GDP ).

A source: newsbomb

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