Today: December 17 2018
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The Court of Cyprus sent the killer of the dog to prison for three months

The Court of Cyprus sent the killer of the dog to prison for three months

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The Supreme Court of the Republic of Cyprus sentenced 72-year-old Yorgos Constantine to three months' imprisonment. In June 2015, he killed the sheepdog of Max, who was the guide of a deaf-mute person. In May 2017-th Larnaka court gave the killer a month and a half and fined ... the owner of the deceased dog for 400 euro. The Cypriot Animal Rights Protection Party considered the verdict as absurd and urged Attorney General Kostas Kleridis to lodge an appeal.

The emergency, which resulted in the death of a half-year-old sheepdog, occurred in June 2015 next to the park. Max saw the puppy and ran out to him from the gate of the house. The owner of the puppy took out his penknife and inflicted two blows on Max's neck. The owner of the sheepdog delivered it to the veterinary clinic, where the next day she died of the wounds received. The man who struck the dog said that he did it because he panicked when he saw the huge dog.

The trial lasted two years. As a result, the court decided to sentence the sheepdog killer to one and a half months' imprisonment with a three-year grace period and payment of court costs in the amount of 150 euros. Recall that the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus provides for a maximum penalty for killing an animal before the year of imprisonment and / or a fine of up to 1700 euro. In this case, the owner of Max was fined 400 euro for the fact that the dog escaped his attention.

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