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Court of Nicosia take care of the case of the abduction of four sandwiches

Nicosia District Court sentenced 23-old citizen of Bulgaria to three months in prison in prison in Cyprus for complicity in a robbery in the amount of EUR 27,50. It is about four sandwiches. Investigation, alas, could not find the other two participants in a daring raid.

December 19 2016, in one of the cafes of the capital received an order for four sandwiches. Messenger (citizen of Pakistan) took them to the address provided in the area of ​​Agios Dometios, where he was attacked by two unknown men. We have selected Messenger sandwiches and five euro coins for delivery to customers. The robbers got into the car of dark color, where they waited for the third co-defendant, and fled the scene.

The investigation data received telephone number from which the order was placed. It belonged to a Bulgarian national permanently residing in Nicosia. The suspect denied any involvement in the robbery. However, the investigation insisted that he had ordered sandwiches from your phone, and then attacked the deliverer of the diner. The court found the defendant guilty and sentenced him to three months in prison.



Tags: Cyprus, Court, Investigation, Prison, Burglary

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