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17.03.2017 - 19: 34

The court sentenced the "savior of Greece" to eight years in prison for fraud

The court in Patras sentenced to eight years in jail without any respite and deprivation of his political rights for five years Artemis Sorrasa representing the savior of Greece and promised to pay off the national debt of the country hundreds of billions of euros, according to television channel Skai.

The sentence imposed after a complaint Sorrasa former partner, who accused him of stealing 50 thousand euros and that of the road car Sorras paid came out of the Kuwaiti dinar.

the plaintiff's lawyer said that the court has made it possible to put an end to illegal activities Sorrasa and all those who participated with him in the "fraud" for the whole of Greece.

Greek entrepreneur Artemis Sorras a few years ago told everyone that he was going to redeem the national debt of Greece to the wealth he inherited. According Sorrasa, he found in the "trunk of his grandmother," the old shares of the Eastern bank - Banque d'Orient, which are now worth hundreds of billions of euros. Sorras founded ΕND company (End National Debt) for the salvation of Greece, Cyprus and the US state of Alabama, also experienced problems with the budget. Greek state, he promised to pass 600 billion euros. One of his employees claimed that Sorras is the sole heir to the secret techniques of the ancient Greeks, allowing to convert into fuel everything.

When the media went on a stormy discussion entrepreneur plans to save the country, we had to speak National Bank of Greece: one of the founders of the Banque d'Orient said that according to the memorandum of association is willing to pay for each share on 200 drachmas, or a few euros for all " treasures "Sorrasa.

Despite the absurdity of the statements entrepreneur in Greece he found a lot of supporters, he even created his own party.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Greece, the Court, Fraud, Economy