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17.04.2017 - 18: 02

"Sultan Erdogan": backwoods supported, congratulated jihadists

Turkey is a republic Erdogan. The head of the CEC Turkey Sadi Güven declared victory in a referendum the president's supporters. According to the state agency "Anadolu", for turning the country from a parliamentary to a presidential republic voted 51,4% participated (24,3 million. Against 23,2 million. People). In this case, in the plebiscite participated 87,2% of Turks eligible to vote.

The opposition argues that a referendum is falsified, they stole 3-4% of the vote and the network "walks" a lot of videos as forged papers, and the president's supporters beat opponents who came to the protest. Moreover, in the course of voting the Central Electoral Commission of Turkey changed the voting rules, and allowed to take into account the ballots without printing. However, this is unlikely to change something, and Redzhep Erdogan is closer than ever to that to get something that has long dreamed of - unlimited powers. In fact, the president will concentrate in his hands all the power. Not even become prime minister, it will be abolished, and all Ministers and senior officials will be appointed by the president. He will oversee the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors, will become a supreme commander and his veto can be overcome only by an absolute majority in parliament. In addition, Redzhep Erdogan will have the right to run for two terms after 2019 years.

Prior to the referendum, Turkish President said that the people support him. However, as it turned out, the head of the State's desire to take all the power in their hands divided the country. And not in favor of Erdogan. He was supported by the Turkish hinterland. "Now Turkey 30 cities have the status of major. 13 voted "for", 17 - "against", - noticed Analyst Research Foundation of Turkey Economic Policy (TEPAV)Selim Cora. Against the absolute power of Erdogan made including Ankara and Istanbul. Also, the president did not support the idea of ​​Kurdish regions in the east and south-western, western provinces, where the strong position of the "Republican People's Party." It is known, he founded the father of the Turkish Republic and a supporter of the secular development of the countryMustafa Kemal Ataturk.

The expert noted that in 11 President municipalities supported by worse than his "Justice and Development Party" in the elections in the year 2015. In addition, according to Selim Cora, most uncounted votes in the end of the tender results of the referendum were in Yenimahalle and Chankayya in the province of Ankara, which support the opposition camp.

Experts were surprised to social networks that most of the foreign media have published information about the referendum according to the state agency "Anadolu". "The world's media covered the constitutional referendum in Turkey, with reference to the agency" Anadolu "data - pohvastalic about it, even in the state gazette and resulted in a list of dozens of influential media.

As a split in the Turkish society will affect the life of the country, while it is possible to assume only. However, it is noticeable, for example, in Germany, and as stated in the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Ministry and the ChancellorAngela Merkel. The very same Redzhep Erdogan demanded from the West to respect the results of the referendum and stated that a plebiscite - a new page in the history of Turkish democracy.

Changes will take effect after the general, parliamentary and presidential elections in the year 2019, and experts suggest, during these two years, Turkey may find itself in a hard crisis. The leader of the opposition "Republican People's Party"Kemal Kılıçdaroğluat a rally against the adoption of amendments to the Constitution in general, he said: "We'll put 80 million people on the bus without brakes.".

Now the state news agency "Anadolu" informs about the numerous congratulations which receives the President after the announcement of the referendum results from the leaders of many countries. However, by name called until only four - Azerbaijani PresidentIlham Aliyev, Head of the PalestineMahmoud Abbas, The President of PakistanMamnuma Husseinand the Emir of Qatar SheikhTamim bin Hamad Al Thani. As for the other congratulated, then one of the first of which, "Anadolu" is not reported, began grouping the "moderate" opposition. Among them - the largest jihadist formation of "Ahrar Al-Sham" Jaish al-Islam "," Failak al-Sham "and" Sultan Murad "" We congratulate our Turkish brothers from the results of the referendum and ask Allah to help Tayyip Erdogan give Turkey. the entire region of stability and prosperity, "- wrote, for example, in three languages ​​on Twitter head of public relations office" Ahrar al-Sham "Omran Muhammed.

A source: EADaily

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