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Scripture is the law of life, and it is necessary to read it

Scripture is the law of life, and it is necessary to read it

Tags: Religion, Christianity

Do not bother yourself with reading, which is not followed by deeds, because the law is performed only by deeds. Reverend Ephrem the Syrian (28, 220).

Clay assumes any shape that the hands that mold it from it, so man needs to conform to what God commands ... St. John Chrysostom (35, 185).

One can not be content with knowing what God wants. We need to know how, when, why and why He wants it ... For if there is a defect in one case for one such circumstance or if we do it not with all our heart and with all our might, then it will not be perfect. The Monk Nicodemus of the Holy Cross (64, 36).

All the inspirational writing for the readers is the law, not only by commandments, but also by historical narratives teaching the conduct of mysteries and a pure way of life.St. Gregory of Nyssa (19,3).

Divine Scripture read by deeds, not verbosity, being conceited by one understanding. Reverend Mark (54, 16).

No one can attain the right knowledge of the testimonies of God unless he has walked the way of Christ before. Rev. John Cassian Roman (Abba Nesteroy 53, 436).

The disadvantage of man is not to know the Scriptures; but the double disadvantage of knowing and neglecting it. Reverend Ephrem the Syrian (25, 199).

It is good to read the Scriptures, but it's fine when it follows, if you read, and do not, reading will be your condemnation and a reason for punishment (36, 906).

The gospel doctrine is the source, and the drinker from it gains life according to the spirit and law of the commandments, experiencing (ineffable) joy (36, 871).

The sweetness of spiritual words does not know satiety, because it does not amuse the belly, but the heart leads to Divine love (36, 871).

As the body needs food, so the soul requires daily spiritual guidance and food, so that by strengthening it, it is against the uprising of the flesh and withstand constant abuse (38, 83).

This is the property of this treasure; enriching those who accept it, it never scales itself, because it is abundantly poured out by the source of the Holy Spirit (38, 127).

Of all the ailments burdening human nature, there is none; one - neither sincere, nor corporal, who could not receive healing from the Scriptures (38, 296).

(Holy Scripture) is a spiritual food that strengthens the mind and makes the soul strong, firm and wise, not allowing it to get carried away by unreasonable passions, facilitating its flight and elevating to the Sky (38, 297).

Whoever succeeds in studying the Divine Scriptures does not spend his life on pleasures and sinful passions, but lives by the Spirit and acts according to the Spirit, and with all his heart he seeks God (39, 784).

The Word of Divine Scripture softens the hardened soul and makes it capable of everything beautiful (41, 25).

The incense is sweet and in itself, and when you throw it on the fire, it reveals all its pleasantness: so the Divine Scripture is very pleasant in itself, but when it penetrates our souls as into a censer, it fills the whole house with a fragrance (40, 570).

The Holy Scripture is the food of the soul, this is its ornament, it is its fencing. Do not hear the same Scripture for the soul, hunger and destruction (41, 25).

He who knows the Scriptures, as he should know, is not tempted by anything that has happened, carries everything bravely, takes one by faith and attributes to the incomprehensible dispensation of God, and for the other he sees the foundations and finds examples in the Scriptures. St. John Chrysostom (45, 816).

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