Today: January 16 2019
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Holy Truth: Ukrainian schismatics

Holy Truth: Ukrainian schismatics

Tags: Religion, Orthodoxy, Ukraine

Brothers and sisters, hello. In Moscow, there was an unprecedented in terms of the number of participants of the Bishops' Council. All the fullness of the Russian Church in the person of the bishops gathered at the Cathedral from different corners of our globe. They gathered from the entire canonical territory of the Russian Church, at this large-scale fateful event, which is connected with the 100-year anniversary of the Local Council. And the relics of Patriarch Tikhon were brought to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Like a bolt from the blue, news came from Kiev. A letter came from the metropolitan, who calls himself a patriarch, whom we call a false patriarch. Even the metropolitan does not call him, because he is deprived of all degrees of priesthood before monasticism, which is not removed. Philaret. He addressed the participants of the Council, the Patriarch with a request: forget the former, we will arrange a common way. As in Krylov's fable "The Wolf on the Kennels". What motivated him to do this, now we will try to fantasize.

He asked, no matter how much, to excuse him. Anathema still works. This unrecognition in the world is obviously a conscience torture, it is, it does not go anywhere. Pressure on the soul, which torments the sinner. Of course, Mr. Denisenko is such a venerable person in the part of atrocities. And he is terrible, because he is strong-willed and energetic. Only his age, he is far behind 80. And he walks along the edge of Eternity. Perhaps, it blows to either the back of the head or to the face, the cold breath of the future answer and, therefore, an early transition through the line. If you believe in the best, then this is the motive of the letter and attempts to move towards the Russian Church. Because no one expected such things, it was top news for everyone. She entered the secular media as top news, at least in Ukraine.

Not for personal gain, but for the benefit of, I want to remind you that the whole nightmare that is happening in Ukraine, amazing, glaring, unimaginable was still about five or seven years ago. The repugnance of these events and their endless continuation without the prospect of an end is closely connected with church matters, with a church schism. Ukraine's closest neighbor, Belarus, also has a resource of malicious people, fed from the West, who would also like to enter the European world, desovietization, decommunization, fire bonfires, take power and organize their own, only in the Belarusian version. However, there it is, thank God, no. Partly because of the more adequate action of the authorities, in part because of the absence of a church schism. Even Lukashenka says this, that our church is not divided. Our church is one. And the presence of Greek Catholics and Orthodox in the country is coordinated by the state in such a way that there are no inter-ethnic, inter-confessional clashes between the polonized Western Byelorussia and the central one. And there is no split within Orthodoxy. This lack - it, in fact, lays the resource of strength in the state. You want this or not, but the church is the foundation. And we see all the illnesses of the church in the most difficult manifestations and in the economy, and in the social sphere, and in the growth of crime, in demography, and in the fall of the family ... in everything.

So, Filaret broke up with his split in Ukraine such a wound that I do not know how many tears need to be weeped, so that all this will be forgiven, healed, smoothed and licked. Perhaps, as the best option, walking along the edge, he, really, feeling the cold inevitable breath that each hair stirs, wants to repent and die in the church. He knows that he is not in the church. Because the Kyiv Patriarchate is not a church. There are no saving ordinances, it is not recognized by the Orthodox world, the names of its hierarchs are not raised at divine services by Orthodox priests. It is devoid of the fullness of the Eucharistic and other spiritual communion. And the best of them, in the sense, the smartest of them, know this.

The world of disgrace consists of two categories: from nothing that does not understand the idiots and from very competent scoundrels. The second category is quantitatively less. These are extremely competent scoundrels who understand everything, they know everything, but they do what they do, using the absolute meaninglessness of that mass of idiots with which they are leading. Somehow this happens in political things, and in church too often. And Filaret, leading not by the church and uttering empty words, not filled with grace at worship, and remembering what was before, and he was a legitimate hierarch who saw everything, knew everything, was respected by all in those years when he did not rise on the Mother. Now obviously feels, I hope, this is the best version of what is happening. He feels that he needs to die in the church. You can fool around if you like, run around the church, swear with Mother, call yourself a patriarch, even a Pope. But you need to die, resigning and going to church, asking for forgiveness: forgive me and remove from me all that lies on me. Because it lies specifically. There is, of course, an option such that this is all the cunning tricks of the old fox, who wants to scratch out something from the mother church in her old age and create a kind of legitimization of her gangster split. This option is also there.

Now our hierarchs have a lot to think about, much to pray for. And guided by the Holy Spirit, they will decide how to deal with this situation. But, without any doubt, the situation is top-notch, landmark. In fact, Filaret takes the ground out from the nationalism of the Ukrainian. Because his electorate, his parishioners - it's just those weirdies who shout "Moskalyak on the giliak." And UNA-UNSO has him. And they got medals and awards from his hands. And their property ties. There they have what you want there. These are his people. And he suddenly says: forgive me. And I forgive you from the bottom of my heart for all of you, if I offended anyone. Let's all forget, let's live by Christian love, in the spirit of forgiveness. This is a very significant question, such a church did not know. Until now, all these 20 over the years, the church did not know that. And even some have already ceased to wait. I, at least, did not wait.

Let's add to our prayers at least once a request that the Ukrainian split be revived so that the souls do not perish. Well, and there the Lord himself will dispose of individual characters, including, and Filaret, and his shoulder-pads, the clerks, and all those who feed on lies. Who sits on lies and feeds on lies. A very significant event, I ask you not to miss it. Bye.

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev
TV channel "Tsargrad"
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