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St. Theophan the Recluse. Thoughts for every day of the year

(Rome. 11, 25-36Matt. 12, 1-8). "If you knew what it means: I want mercy, and not sacrifice, I would not condemn the innocent." So, in order to get rid of the sin of condemnation, one must have a merciful heart. A gracious heart will not only not condemn the seeming violation of the law, but also obvious for all. Instead of the court, it will accept regret and will soon be ready to cry, than to reproach. Indeed, the sin of condemnation is the fruit of a disgraceful heart, malevolent, finding pleasure in humiliating one's neighbor, defaming his name, defaming his honor. This business is a murderous affair and is being perpetrated according to the spirit of the one who is the homicide from the very beginning. There is much slander, which comes from the same source, because the devil is also a devil, which slanders and everywhere spreads slander. Hasten to arouse pity in yourself every time an evil urge to condemnation comes. With a pitiful heart, then turn with prayer to the Lord, that He will pardon all of us, not only those who wanted to condemn, but also us, and maybe more than us, than that - and the evil urge will cease.

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Tags: Religion, Christianity

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