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08.07.2017 - 07: 27

St. Theophan the Recluse. Thoughts for every day of the year

(Rome. 8, 14-21Matt. 9, 9-13). Whoever is awakened by spiritual needs, under the influence of God's fear and the demands of conscience, he has a kind of feeling by which he guessed the meaning of the speeches relating to the subjects of the spiritual realm, even if they were clothed in a supply form. For such a parable does not cover the truth, and even more clearly reveals it. Who does not have such an internal system, he heard about the spiritual objects of the speech is flowing, does not understand anything in it. But if it were not for him to offer him a word about these subjects in a supply form, then he would understand only words, but he would not understand the essence of the matter: it would go against all his concepts and would be presented to him by an incongruity, over which he would not have slowed down To mock. This is exactly what the Lord has put the reason why He speaks to the people in parables. Who has a deposit of spirituality, he will understand the parable, but whoever does not, do not say that. "For seeing they see not, and hearing they do not hear, and do not understand." . . For the heart of these people has become wicked "(Matt. 13, 12-15). Meanwhile, the parable able to see through the hidden truth did not deprive due edification: "He who has, will be given to, and multiplied."

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