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St. Theophan the Recluse. A Guide to Spiritual Life: Faith

"Do not look at the fact that such a shakiness has gone everywhere." There is an immutable truth in faith, and here is proof ... How faith was first planted through preaching, the Lord hastened and the word affirms the subsequent signs, so after that it was supported and up to now The tangible presence of the power of God among believers, in the Holy Church, witnessed by signs. "The Lord says:" Behold, I am with you ", as he promised to be with us until the end of the age.

If the Lord is with us, who is against us? God promised God: "I will dwell in them (believing his word), and I resemble, and I will be God, and they will be me people." And we see it now that we are being fulfilled. In our memory, how many IDs were already in this. Glory to Thee, O God! Glory to Thee, O God! Glory to Thee, O God!

And the Lord inspires those who are deluded to say: "Why are you grasping with every wind of doctrine?" This is where the pillar and the statement of My truth are, As the finger I point out to you a faithful and unobstructed road: Hold on to the Church in which I show my power, and get rid of the ruin into which you will be thrown empty Your wisdom "".

"Whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God as a child, he will not enter into it." How can this be taken as a child? And here is how: in simplicity, full of heart, without hesitation. The rational analysis is not applicable in the field of faith. It can only take place on the eve of it. As an anatomist, the entire body decomposes into details, but does not see life, so reason - no matter how much it talks about - does not comprehend the power of faith. Faith itself gives contemplation, which in general represents faith, wholly satisfying all the needs of our nature, and commit consciousness, conscience, heart to accept faith. They accept and accept, they do not want to lag behind it. Here the same thing happens with a tasty and healthy food. Having tasted once, he knows that it is suitable and takes it to a number of substances that feed it. Chemistry, neither before nor after, does not help him in this belief. His belief is based on personal experience, directly. So the believer knows the truth of faith directly. Faith itself instills in him an unshakable conviction that she is faith. How then can faith be faith by reason? That is the reasonableness of faith, in order to know directly that it is faith. Reason only spoils the matter, cooling the faith and weakening the life by faith, and most importantly it teaches, and drives away the grace of God: evil in Christianity of first importance. "

"You said that you were already behind the sins, and probably confessed, and received permission. The enemy tortures you only with disbelief and insecurity. Reason and pray, stir up your faith and hope ... Hope and faith can not be strong without works and labors in the work of salvation. Kindly put these active works on, and faith will begin to come to life with hope. What business and work? .. 1. The aversion to take to all sins - not only matters, but also to thoughts and sympathy for them. 2. Identify yourself to things that are opposite to them. It's up to you to find and install for yourself, 3. The main thing is to run the land of the land ... It must be severely punished - to kill, 4. Prayer order to establish a home and church ... 5. External relations order and run cases that can excite the movement of passions.

I guess that you have a strong pride and disinclination. Seek humility and obedience ...

Hold the memory of God and the memory of death, and do not let go of the mind of the thought that God sees you, you are under His eye, and beware of everything that is not pleasing to Him. "

"What is the use, my brethren, if anyone says that he has faith, but does not have works, can this faith save him?" (James 2, 14). The path to faith is repentance. In repentance, what do they say? I have sinned, I will not. I will not sin, therefore, I will live according to the commandments. Since with the adoption of faith repentance does not depart, but, with it being combined, remains to the end, then the decision is to live according to the commandments - is also valid under faith. Therefore the believer, if he came to faith by direct means, that is, by repentance, is a zealot for the fulfillment of commandments and does good works. Faith gives him the strongest motivation for this. Faith gives him this power of grace through holy ordinances. So faith promotes works (James 2, 22). And from work, faith becomes perfect: for by deed it is not realized that which one believed, until then faith as if not faith. It manifests itself only in deeds. And it becomes not only visible, but also strong. Cases have the opposite effect on faith and strengthen it. "

"What not all believe, does not detract from the meaning of faith. We must look at those who sincerely believe, and what is given to them through faith. Christian faith is not a system of teaching, but an image of the restoration of the fallen because of the death of the God-man, the grace of the Holy Spirit. Take one of the followers of the Lord and see how he gradually grows in spirit and becomes great for all the nondiness of the outside. Here is Father .Seraphim. Simple, unlearned - how come? The unbeliever mouthed the unbelievers with a single word. That's the power. And what about his life, but his temper? So does everyone else remake the grace that is surrendered to her. Look at this and look at it. And what there are here and there premrachichnosti and nondescript, on it that to look? »

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