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St. Gregory Palamas: Ten sayings about true life and death

St. Gregory Palamas: Ten sayings about true life and death

Tags: Religion, Christianity

St. Gregory Palamas (1296-1357 (9)) is a great saint of the Church, an Athonite ascetic, a preacher of grace and deification, of union with God as the goal and true life of man.

Editorial portal "Russian Athos" сinverts ten the precepts of St Gregory of the true life and death.

1. As through the transgression of the commandments, having separated from God, the soul is killed, so by obedience to the commandment, having united again with God, it is quickened. This is what the Lord says in the Gospel: "verbs, which are verb, the spirit is the essence and the stomach" (John 6, 63). Having experienced this experimentally, St.. Peter said to Him: "The verbs of the belly of the eternal Imah" (John 6,69).

2. As the separation of the soul from the body is the death of the body, so the separation of God from the soul is the death of the soul. And this is mainly death, the death of the soul. God pointed to it, and when, giving a commandment in paradise, he told Adam: "On what day do you taste from the forbidden tree, by death you die" (Gen. 2, 17). For then his soul died, by transgression, being separated from God; On the body, he continued to live from that hour onwards to nine hundred and thirty years.

3. This is a real death, when the soul is separated from the divine grace and combined with sin. ... Whoever will be afraid of this death and be protected from it, does not fear the approach of bodily death, having a true life dwelling in itself.

4. For as the death of the soul is a real death, so the life of the soul is real life. The life of the soul is a union with God, as the life of the body is its union with the soul.

5. The good Apostle Paul said that "this world of sorrows is the death of death" (2 Corinth 7, 10). For if the true life of the soul is the divine light, from crying to God coming, as stated above by the words of the fathers, then the soul's death will be evil darkness, from the sorrow of the world that finds its way to the soul.

6. That's why God has arranged this life for us to give a place of repentance. If this were not, then the person who sinned would immediately be deprived of this life. ... Therefore, in this way, the time of life is the time of repentance, then the very thing that the sinner is still alive serves for him if he wishes to turn to God, the guarantee that he will be graciously accepted. For in real life, autocracy is always in power ... always and everyone has the opportunity, if they want, to gain eternal life.

7. If we are also against Him (God) Let us walk the path and love death more than the true life, He does not remove the power given to us, or the freedom to return to Him, and not only does not remove such power, but He Himself calls us back and goes around seeking, how to turn to the deeds of life.

8. God, as I said, despising the sins that have been done before, packs and packs calls us. What is He to do? Work in the vineyard. And this means to work on the people, that is, above itself. Then, - how incomprehensibly great is the humanity of God! - and he promises and gives us a reward - for working on himself and for himself. Come, he says, you will receive eternal life, from Me richly supplied. And for the labor of this procession to life, and the very desire to receive it from Me, for everything, as a debtor, I will pay a reward.

9. Who does not confess the grace and does not give thanks to the Redeemer from death and the Giver of life? - And He also promises to award the reward and the unspeakable reward. "Az", said, "a breath, yes belly is imitated, and it is less than imate" (John 10, 10). What is it? Do not only live and live by His power, but also to be His brothers and co-heirs. This superfluous thing is a reward given to those who come to the life-giving vine of the vine and are the bearers on it, who work on themselves and themselves cultivate themselves.

10. For the resurrection of the soul, which is its return to God through the fulfillment of Divine commandments, the resurrection of the body will follow, when it again unites with the soul; After the resurrection of the sim, there will be true immortality and co-ordination with God.

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