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"Surprise" for Assad from the south: US being moved tanks and prepare militants

The United States is concentrated in the southern border with Syria, armored vehicles, and American instructors started training one of the factions of the "Free Syrian army» (FSA) in the south-east of the country. What happens next can be a "surprise" not so much for the "Islamic state" is banned in Russia, as for Damascus.

Opposition Damascus mediaaktivisty Hammurabi's Justice News reported yesterday that American instructors started training group "Mughaveyr al-Thawra," in the south-east of Syria, which came from Jordan. We are talking about the desert near Al-TANF Homs province. As evidence mediaaktivisty placed on the page in Facebook photos, which you can see the American instructors and the TOW antitank missile system.

Place of training militants Americans

The US military train new jihadists how to use anti-missile systems

Among the militants clearly discern the American instructors

Also in the network appeared photos taken with the alleged drone in northern Jordan. They are visible to the basis on which are several hundred armored vehicles. Mediaaktivisty argue that it is a military base east of the city of Az-Zarqa in 43 kilometers from the border with Syria.

Location Jordanian bases, where armored vehicles were transferred from the US

Jordanian base east of the city of Az-Zarqa

New armored vehicles on the Jordanian-based

A blogger by the name ofAlready HappenedHe wrote: "This is where the US brought tanks and armored cars!". A month ago, 7 April this mediaaktivist posted in information about the network that the US cargo ship Liberty Passion delivered to the Jordanian port of Aqaba 70 military vehicles and tanks. It happened just after the US president talksDonald Trumpand the King of JordanAbdullah II. US leader then accused the chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun Damascus, but did not specify how the US will respond.

Judging from the photos, the military base is now a few hundred units of the United States and Jordan techniques. Moreover, last month it was much more.

Earlier it was said that the United States, Britain and Jordan, possibly, will begin operation in the south of Syria against the "Islamic state" and the IG - not the only goal. The operation will also become an opposition to the Iranian units. In an interview with The Washington Post, Jordan's King Abdullah II said that they are located 70 kilometers from the Kingdom's border and "are trying to establish a geographic link between Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon / Hezbollah with the intention of gaining power over this space." In addition, the south of Syria will turn into an "American" zone of influence, which will significantly weaken the positions of Bashar Assad in that region.

military expertYuri Ljaminsuggests that the operation, first of all, is directed against the strengthening of Damascus. "In my opinion, the main idea is to seize the IG's desert areas along the border with Iraq and thereby prevent the return of government control over roads to Iraq," the expert said. In his view, the return of control over these roads is one of the most important strategic goals for Damascus in the course of its own offensive against the IG, as this will restore the overland supply route from Iran and Iraq. "Now the transfer of all weapons, ammunition and Shiite volunteers from Iran and Iraq is only through the air and the restoration of the land route will allow to expand transport opportunities. In addition, if the control over the roads is restored, the Syrian government will be able to receive fuel and other necessary goods. In general, the restoration of such control will improve the situation of Damascus, which the US does not want, "Yuri Lyamin summed up.

A source: EADaily

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