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WWII Tank raise out of the mire in Belarus

Rare tank of World War II HF-1 raised from the swamp in the Vitebsk region of Belarus, said the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic.

"Experts searchers foundation" Afghan Memory "made a decision to start work on the rise from the swamp near the village Tesische Senno district, Vitebsk region fragments of the KV-1 (Klim Voroshilov), previously detected by voluntary helpers Fund, which is the most formidable representative armored initial period of war "- said in a statement.

The ministry said that for practical assistance in raising the tank to the Minister for Emergency Situations of Belarus Vladimir Vashchenko turned management of the fund "Afghan Memory".

At the present time on the job site focused forces and means of the republican special forces and units of Vitebsk regional emergency department, as well as the necessary engineering equipment enterprises and organizations of the region, specialists of local executive authorities, a group of mine clearance and the police.

In place of the search operation by the MOE operates field camp with independent conditions of existence of a consolidated unit concentrated forces and means.

After removing the pieces from the swamp of the KV-1 will be delivered in a historical and cultural complex "Stalin Line" near Minsk for restoration. In consequence of the tank will be put on the "Stalin Line" along with other weapons and military equipment.

A source: RIA News

Author: RIA News

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