Today: January 16 2019
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Taxify will start to conquer Cyprus from the capital

Taxify will start to conquer Cyprus from the capital

Tags: Cyprus, Transportation, Taxi

It is expected that the new application for smartphones Taxify, which will begin its work in the test mode in Nicosia from 25 April, will radically change the scope of passenger traffic in Cyprus.

The application will give users the opportunity to establish their own location and track the nearest taxis of various partners with the ability to immediately order a car. The application will calculate not only the journey time along the route, but also the waiting time for the taxi. Taxify users will be able to follow in real time mode for their movement on the city map, thus preventing the taxi driver from choosing a longer route, which always increases the cost of travel. Taxi services will also be available online.

While the application will be launched only in the capital of the island of Nicosia, however, in the near future Taxify services will be available to residents of all cities of Cyprus.

According to the Cyprus news agency, the application was created in Estonia and is very popular in Europe, Central America and Africa. The total number of users exceeds 5 million people in 3 countries.

In Cyprus with Taxify only registered taxi with professional drivers can cooperate. Client security is a priority for developers.

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