Today: January 17 2019
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The Guardian: 2017 year threatens Europe's political

The Guardian: 2017 year threatens Europe's political "apocalypse"

Tags: Europe, Migration, Refugees, opinions, EU

Europe 2017 year can expect a political "apocalypse": the collapse of the ruling elites, Death of terrorist attacks and a new wave of migration the EU plunged into a crisis that Brussels will hardly be able to overcome, he says columnist The Guardian, John Henley.

As the author believes, the "apocalyptic scenario" for Europe will look like this: at the beginning of the year, the special services of the EU countries will again allow a blunder, and in one of the capitals of the Old World there will be a resonant attack. The first to take advantage of the growing sense of helplessness in the face of terrorism will be Dutch right-wing politician Gert Wilders, whose party is likely to win the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands in March next year. Henley stresses that in the context of the European security crisis, Wilders' tough policy on migration issues will play into the hands of the Dutch politician and will strengthen the position of his "Freedom Party".

Further, the columnist warns about the danger coming from Turkey. The termination of negotiations on visa-free regime, the freezing of the discussion of the country's membership in the EU and the harsh criticism of Erdogan on the part of European officials could provoke a crisis in relations between Brussels and Ankara. The most likely response of the Turkish leader to further "cooling" will be to provide refugees, located in Turkey, a "corridor" to European countries. The author is convinced that this step can fundamentally change the political landscape of the European Union. Three million refugees will flock to the "prosperous" countries of Europe on the eve of elections in France and Italy, which will certainly strengthen the positions of the opponents of the EU.

If this happens, then in power in France, Italy and Germany will come eurosceptics, writes Henley. In this Marine Le Pen has said that if he wins the presidential election, it will initiate a referendum to withdraw France from the EU. The Netherlands, according to the author, and follow her example, and in Italy "Five Star Movement" is likely to deliver the return of the Italian lira.

"It will be very bad if it all happen," - says the author. Nevertheless, he is convinced that Europe will not be able to avoid shocks. "Over Europe are blowing wind of change, and it is strange if we see new victims in the face of the political elite" - writes columnist.

Henley but hopes that "apocalyptic" scenario does not come true, and the coming year will be calmer the past both for Europe and for the world.

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