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The Nation reminded Americans, who defeated the Third Reich

Leaders of the Democratic Party of the United States should come to Russia on Victory Day and honor the memory of those who fell in the struggle against Nazi Germany. Instead, they encourage a new Cold War, and finally seek to embroil the White House with the Kremlin, says columnist The Nation, historian Stiven Koen.

The author believes that the American nation has lost an understanding of who actually defeated the Third Reich, as Hollywood cinema instilled in her the belief that the Nazis won the USA. Meanwhile, most of the war, the United States did not dare to go beyond the Pacific theater of operations, while the Soviet Union was "destroyed and smashed Hitler's war machine on the Eastern Front," recalls Cohen, noting that until 80% of combat losses of the Wehrmacht had to fights with the Red army.

"On May 9, the people of Russia paid tribute to 27 millions of victims in the fight against fascism, while the American establishment was looking for" puppets of the Kremlin "and continued to criticize the Russian leadership," the author writes. Cohen is convinced that such a position of Washington is counterproductive. In his opinion, Russia and America should forget about disagreements and unite to fight international terrorism. "Like fascism in the 30, for many Russians it has become one of the main threats," he points out. However, the attempts of a new "detente" now and then come up against the opposition of the American political elite.

"Adherents of the Cold War" in Washington do not understand that the desire to block the rapprochement between Russia and the United States may result in a full-scale confrontation, says columnist. "It would be better if they went to Moscow and would be celebrated there on Victory Day over Nazi Germany" - sums up Cohen.

A source: RIA News

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