Today: March 19 2019
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The Telegraph: bungling Western Ukraine was the cause of all ills

The Telegraph: bungling Western Ukraine was the cause of all ills

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The standoff in Ukraine was generated by the EU and the US desire to drag the country into the zone of political influence, and the West's mistakes have caused the disaster and guaranteed strengthen pro-Russian moods in the eastern part of the country. This writes an expert on EU politics Christopher Booker in the British The Telegraph.

"There was only one reason why 2013-2014 winter's. Ukrainian tragedy struck, tearing it apart: EU attempts to push the United States to include Ukraine in its ever-expanding empire ", - he says the author of the British edition.

For this reason, he says The Telegraph, Brussels was happy to see the overthrow of the pro-Russian president-elect and the people, and the rise to power was never elected, but "their" government. However, the full implications of this revolution in the West have not considered.

"It might be expected that the Russian-speaking residents would rather go under the power of Moscow, than to be ruled by the strange form of government in Brussels, which they did not understand," - says the author.

The position of the West, responding to reunite Russia and the Crimea charges of "aggression," and Putin's criticism in this context was "insane."

"For the West, it was up to dangerously insane react to it the way it was done, when US Secretary of State John Kerry called the vote in Crimea" unprecedented act of aggression ", Prince Charles compared Putin to Hitler, and the caricature" foreign minister "of the EU Baroness Ashton Kiev welcomed cheers 200 thousand Ukrainians, shouting "Europa Europa." - despite the fact that some of them to Brussels paid for it ", - says Booker.

Adhering to the same opinion, and now, after three years from the beginning of the conflict that has cost the life of the order of 9 thousand. Man, the West remains "insignificant powerless" says Booker. This impotence, he believes, says that under the pressure of circumstances, the new regime in Kiev will soon lose and Eastern Ukraine.

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