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The Wall Street Journal: The gaping hole in the defense of Europe

The Wall Street Journal: The gaping hole in the defense of Europe

Tags:Europe, France, Germany, the Middle East, Iraq, IG, Action, Kurds

"When the coalition against the Islamic state (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation - Ed.) Starts - perhaps in the coming weeks - its planned attack on the bulwark of the Caliphate Mosul in northern Iraq, France will support this operation with its self-propelled artillery systems Caesar, reports John Vinokur in The Wall Street Journal. "" And Germany? "Its defense minister, Ursula von der Lien, was last week in Iraq with instructors from the Bundeswehr training Kurdish militants, which are an important element of the coalition's offensive plans. and assured his troops that they will remain at a distance from the fighting zones, and added that "security - the highest priority" to the German army.

"Germany is one of the biggest arms dealers in the world and a founding member of NATO, gives back to understand what is the player who is only a limited risk, and does not cause a fatal blow. Even when the enemy is barbaric anti-Western force, military doctrine of Germany actually says" no "maximum damage" - the article says.

Winokur tells of appeals of Paris and Berlin again to create a European defense initiative, other than NATO. This Franco-German plan involves the creation of the EU military headquarters in Brussels, a joint spy satellite, centralization of medical and logistical services and "concrete support" the European defense industry, as well as funding from the EU directly.

"At this time, in this regard the EU is a European hole he was in favor of the creation." European strategic autonomy, - the author says. - But the truth is that Germany continues to demonstrate the absence of any kind was a military strategy, not counting its deviationist approach. It is also true that no European or strategic unity of the European risk-sharing loan does not exist. "

"After the publication of the Franco-German plan at the beginning of this month, it seemed that many EU members can buy into his vague promises of" protection "and greater" security ", - he said the journalist -. But in the susceptible to intervention of France - think about its intervention in Libya and Mali, its anger over Obama's refusal to strike Syria in 2013 year - the French Government can not fully cover the avoidance of Germany. "

"For two years or more Germany promises a more active part in resolving international crises, but when it comes to land-based operations, nothing happens -. Laments the defense expert Arno Danzhan, a former MP from the Party Sarkozy" Republicans "on specific proposals in the framework of this. Danzhan initiative said: "France and Germany have pulled out something from the bottom drawers of their desks."

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