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Times: Britain helped Putin win an unconditional election victory

Britain played its part in the unconditional victory of Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections in Russia, reports The Times. The measures that London took against Moscow in connection with the Skripal case, caused resentment among the Russians and ensured a higher than expected appearance in the elections, the publication notes with reference to the press secretary of the electoral headquarters of Vladimir Putin, Andrei Kondrashov.

In the presidential elections in Russia, Vladimir Putin secured an unqualified victory thanks to Britain, writes The Times. As the press secretary of the election headquarters of Vladimir Putin, Andrei Kondrashov, confrontation with London over the poisoning of the former Russian agent Sergei Skripal contributed to a higher voter turnout.

65-year-old Vladimir Putin, according to preliminary data, scored more than 76% of the vote, although the election was overshadowed by reports of fraud. Two hours before the polls closed, the turnout was almost 60%.

According to Andrei Kondrashov, the indignation of Russians over the reaction of Britain to the poisoning of Scripal in Salisbury prompted them to come to the polling stations. As he stressed, a few days ago, sociologists expected that turnout would be in the region of 50-60%, but now it is clear that mainly thanks to the UK came more people.

The press secretary of the electoral headquarters of Vladimir Putin also noted that unfounded accusations rallied the Russian people and united them around the "center of power".

"The center of power is certainly Putin today. I thank Britain for having made such a turnout for the elections, which we ourselves did not dream about, "Kondrashov said.

Vladimir Putin himself after the victory in the election said about the attack on Skripal: "it's nonsense, nonsense, nonsense" to assume that Russia carried out this attack.

A few hours earlier, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said that the Kremlin had been creating reserves of nerve agent "Novice" since the collapse of the USSR. According to experts, this statement can be a prelude to the requirement that the supervisory authority for chemical weapons conduct an inspection of Russian laboratories, writes The Times.

A source: InoTV

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