Today: December 14 2018
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Shopping centers in Cyprus will be more

Shopping centers in Cyprus will be more

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In 2018-2019, the area of ​​shopping centers in Cyprus will expand from 167 thousand to 210 thousand square meters, reports InBusinessNews.

As we reported earlier, the Mall of Cyprus in Nicosia will be expanded by 6 thousand square meters. The existing premises will also be reconstructed. In addition to 50 existing sales outlets, 30 new stores will appear in this shopping center in Cyprus. Parking will be expanded to 300 parking spaces. The project cost is estimated at 27 million euros. Completion of construction - 2019 year.

Another, a new Mall in Cyprus, Mall of Anthoupoli, will be built in 2018 year in Antoupolis (Lakatamia region in Nicosia). In the new Cyprus shopping center there will be 140 stores. The "useful" area of ​​this shopping center will be 32 thousand sq.m. There will be a large supermarket, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, a playground, as well as a venue for events.

My Mall in Limassol will also expand. This largest shopping center in Cyprus, whose commercial premises occupy an area of ​​31 thousand square meters, will be increased by another 5-6 thousand sq.m. Thus, My Mall in Limassol will remain the largest shopping center in Cyprus, and a new mall in Nicosia will not take his palm from him.

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