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Torso of Putin is driving Americans crazy

Torso of Putin is driving Americans crazy

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A video report on the release of Vladimir Putin in Tuva caused almost hysteria in the Western media. In the depiction of a restless shirtless Russian president, immediately they saw hidden meanings. The West again drew attention to Putin's bare chest and his "machismo." This reaction does not say anything about Putin, but very much - about what the modern Western elites are.

Putin rests on the Tuvan rivers for the first time. They were attracted to him by the native of these places, Sergei Shoigu, and for the first time publicly about his holiday in Tuva was told ten years ago. Then the president rafted on the Yenisei with Prince of Monaco Albert II. After that trip, several photos were published,

Including the image of Putin with his bare chest while fishing.

This series of pictures would have remained one of them - if not for the increased attention that it received in the West.

You can even say that the August 2007 photo became the continuation of the 2007 February for the Anglo-Saxons. It was then that Putin delivered his Munich speech, in which he announced that Russia did not agree with attempts to establish a unipolar world. If in Munich Putin challenged the military-political way of globalization, then in Tuva he challenged its cultural and media code. So it was perceived - Putin was immediately called macho and alpha male, said that this is a conscious game on sexual instincts.

It was called: in the Western world, more precisely in the "universal matrix of good and evil" imposed on this world, even the very concept of "courageous" is already under suspicion. All people are equal, and the difference between men and women is emphasized intolerantly and indecently, authoritarian and anti-liberal. That is, Putin, who does not accept the rules of the game in a "single humanity without races and sexes," in the depiction of Western propaganda, before taking the Munich speech, took off his shirt and mounted his horse.

Since then, new pictures of Putin "without top" appeared only once - in 2009-m, and also from the Tuva holiday. It was there that the picture of Putin was made on horseback. A snapshot of Alexey Druzhinin over the years has turned, without exaggeration, into the most popular photo of the Russian president in the United States. That this is so, everyone could be convinced over the past year, when the campaign against Donald Trump (in connection with his so-called "Russian ties") acquired a completely "frost-bitten" character.

The photo of equestrian Putin began to be replicated both in itself and as part of anti-Tramp collages as an illustration to talk about "mutual sympathy" between the two politicians. Then the image of Putin with a bare torso migrated to one of the most popular American Sunday comedy shows (by itself, ridiculing Trump). The level of these "jokes" has become so unseemly that even in the publication of the Huffington Post appeared headline: "We must finally stop coming up with gay jokes about Trump and Putin."

So "Putin with a bare chest" became a phenomenon of American mass culture and political propaganda. But in addition, it has become a part of the American understanding of Russia, because in the US they believe that Putin consciously exploits machismo. The assertions that "the image of macho, alpha male, his dominant masculinity, his sex appeal are the product of well-considered media strategies", have long become an axiom for the American media. And of course, ordinary Americans are sure that Putin is constantly posing without a shirt - such an image of him pinned them in the head of the media.

Even now, after a new series of photographs, the Western media again write that "the Russian leader is in good shape and happy to show his torso to the rest of the world." And that, of course, he posed without a shirt. This is the British Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail, but the same is true for the main American media. In the United States, it is asserted that it is important for Putin to show his masculinity on the eve of the forthcoming presidential elections in the spring.

Why is all this Western reaction important for us in Russia? Because it shows the level of understanding by the West of Putin and our country and demonstrates with whom we are dealing.

What could be the answer to such representations?

Firstly, Putin did not "demonstrate machismo" - it is deeply indifferent to him. He does not think in this category, because it in itself is already a deeply decadent concept, cultivated in a society in which the natural structure of the family has already been violated, the roles of man and woman are blurred. And Putin grew up and brought up in traditional, that is, normal values, when there is no fictitious problem of "a lot of genders," and there are simply men and women.

And about any public demonstration of its coolness, the more physical and sexual, there can be no speech - Russian culture in this is very chaste. Especially when it comes to the head of state. Putin, agreeing in 2007 year to publish those photographs, most likely did not even think about the subtext. Well, the press-service wanted to present it in a simple, informal way, well, okay.

Now the publication of new photographs shows his good physical shape, but does not play "involving the electorate through machismo": Putin does not use such techniques and does not believe in them. Yes, they do not work in Russia, because we have a generally healthy society. And healthy, morally and physically, the president.

But the way the US is obsessed with Putin's machismo, speaks much more about themselves. More precisely, about the views and complexes of that part of the Anglo-Saxon elite that has now switched to the war with Trump and uses the image of "Putin-macho" as discrediting the American president.

It is important and their poor understanding of the actual intra-American sentiment. A significant part of American society is conservative, which means that she likes Putin the same as Trump: that he is a fighter, holds a blow, behaves like a man. And due to the special, ostentatious nature of American culture, this conservative America also considers public demonstration of masculinity quite normal.

But even more important for us is that the very focus on 10-year-old photos as supposedly reflecting the essence of the Russian leader speaks about the severe psychological problems of this part of the American elite.

It's not just that a significant part of it belongs to sexual minorities or is brought up in the spirit of hatred of traditionalism in all its manifestations. The United States as a whole is very much affected by the teachings of Freud by the country. The obsession with the carnal, more and more often perverted, implicated in the mysteries and the complexes caused by them, is a serious diagnosis. Especially when it comes to the political establishment.

In general, while the Russian ruler is fishing, someone is crocheting not only from his policy, but also from one of his appearance.

Peter Akopov
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