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TotalCombat: CIA vs. NSA

The drain of the US National Intelligence documents WikiLeaks has led the fight for the NSA and the CIA industrial espionage customers.

Father Brown: Where intelligent man hides sheet? - In the woods.
Gilbert Keith Chesterton, The Sign of the Broken Sword.

This phrase remembers every citizen of Russia, won the old Soviet education. However, it is not always remembered, when the information stake is this "rich" theme as the publication of CIA documents in WikiLeaks. Especially regarding human rights violations in the digital world, predict Orwell's «1984» novel. In fact, the events underlying reason is much simpler and more dangerous. Not only for our country but for the whole "civilized" world.

By 1996, the CIA determined that under industrial espionage refers to "persistent attempts, organized and / or controlled by foreign states, to collect in the US industrial secrets and information relating to intellectual and other property." Robert Gates, the former CIA director with 1991 1993 year on the eve of 9 / 11 gave a wonderful speech, define the role of his organization in today's competitive world. He said that the security of all business data is increasingly under threat, and the hazards are increasing. "Large companies operating in the field of high technologies, should not build any illusions. It should really be of the scale of the surrounding hostile forces. Entrepreneurs <US>, deploying its activities abroad, are increasingly finding themselves in a difficult situation- Said Gates. -The fact that the nature of these threats and protection against them in the ways of business schools do not study. Some hazards, as well, however, as the strategy for dealing with them, seem to be quite obvious, while others did not belong to the category of trivial". With his light hand of the CIA was directly involved in the non-trivial threat to US business. Solving the "Corporate Business" questions intelligence methods and means.

In the UMBRAGE group of documents from the CIA's remote technology department, which came on the Internet, it follows that in Germany, Frankfurt-on-Main, the CIA operational center for collecting computer information operates. 7 March this information was confirmed by SpiegelOnline, informing that the place of the center's deployment was the US Consulate. Against the backdrop of accusations against the CIA in Frau Merkel's "eavesdropping" and the control of Holland's election in 2012, again raised to the surface after publication in WikiLeaks, it is somehow forgotten that this city is by no means the capital of Germany. Who should he work for in the CIA hackers? Not for refugees from the Middle East in the districts of Dornbusch and Ekenheim, the number of which, according to Germany's BIS counterintelligence, reaches 50% of the population, taking into account persons with dual citizenship. Of these, by the way, 27% of the population of the city are "absolute foreigners", this is indicated by the list of AusländerBeiratswahl from 2015. Then, maybe the development object is a Russian community? Hardly.

The tip is given by Wikipedia: in Frankfurt am Main there are the European Central Bank, the Federal Bank of Germany, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The points on which financial flows are tied and insider information from which fully justifies the billions of dollars given by the US Senate to the work of the CIA. In the US intelligence to the beginning of the 90-x came to the conclusion about the inexpediency of the agency work. It was replaced by the technical means traditionally controlled by the NSA through its centers in the UK and China, covering all cellular telephone "wiretapping" in Russia and Europe. However, Gates was able to create a compensatory theme in the CIA. His analytical department had a "hacker" unit, working through the backdoor first on the Internet, and then, in the modern era of Brennan, engaged in hacking specific communications devices and "smart home."

While the NSA collected and stored the dump of worldwide telephone cellular conversations, unable to process it, the CIA received potential access to any development facility through itself. The desire to have a "cool" gadget turned out to be stronger than taking care of your own safety. However, unlike the NSA, the CIA does not even own even the means of storing potential information - physically there are no such volumes, since video-audio files that occupy huge volumes are being shot. That's why ordinary citizens can be asked to "not worry": the CIA will never have so many people to evaluate records from your gadgets. However, work on specific objects is conducted tightly, and this is by no means a policy. The main goal of development is business.

The ex-head of the antiterrorist unit of the FSB in 90-s Vladimir Lutsenko provided the task. He believes that the media in the world and in Russia, first of all, focused on the possible spying on and eavesdropping on individuals through smartphones, refrigerators, irons and TV sets (for some reason only Samsuni - but this is already a matter of unfair competition). "There was a distraction of attention to the" unfit object ". In fact, the problem is much more serious and scary: according to the US National Intelligence Agency, they spent about two trillion dollars to fight terrorism [1] over the past few years, "the expert says," but terrorism does not go away, and the Senate does not ask Brennan, where's the money. They perfectly know where they went and why. "

By analogy with the notorious private military company BlackWaters, which replaced after Afghanistan stain on Academi, near the CIA, as well as with the US Department of Defense, have been established consulting firms that sell "on separation" of economic information for the "native" business. Before the start they were in the shadow of March this year. It is their "illumination" was published in order to WikiLeaks, organized by the "natural" rival CIA - NSA.

The whole world has learned about the giant control system that "looks at you." Brought the US space missions abroad in Germany, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. Outraged citizens demand that their senators to close the CIA program and the NSA will continue to sell the same information under its own brand, which it did to Brennan.

Vladimir Lutsenko believes that the huge competitive advantage in the US financial and industrial oligarchy in the global crisis outweigh any contradiction between "colleagues" on the US National Intelligence. "Its task, "riding the Internet" by adopting international experience of using hacker attacks under a false flag - Get insider information in the financial and banking sector through industrial espionage for the benefit of their corporations- Emphasizes Vladimir Lutsenko -although it does not remain without attention and collect compromising information on politicians around the world, including in their own allies. However, it is the financial threat of Russia remains "behind the scenes" of our media ".

This conclusion is an expert explains everything "nestykovochki" recent publications about the CIA archive. Russia, however, remains to be seen how Trump uses the capabilities of modern technology already NSA to destabilize our banking system and the stock market. And he could: "It's nothing personal, it's just a business», - AlphonseGabriel «Al» Capone.

[1] Statement: "Politically motivated use of extreme violence against the civilian population."

A source: A REGNUM

Author: Dmitry Efimov

Tags: Intelligence agencies, the US intelligence, CIA, NSA, Analytics

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