Today: January 17 2019
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The tragedy in Paris in the context of geopolitics

The tragedy in Paris in the context of geopolitics

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Reading the vast majority of materials on the terrorist attacks in Paris, unwittingly convinced that modern man has completely lost the ability to think that part of the body, which was originally designed for this purpose. If anything, I'm talking about the head, inside which there is a special "gray matter."

When considering any terrorist activity should always keep in mind a few important points.

1. Terrorism is a business.
2. Any suicide is always a boss, he is a customer, pursuing their specific purpose. These goals have nothing to do with the name of what the terrorists are taking their shares.
3. For the customer the terrorists always drugged and duped "meat" is not of fundamental importance.
4. Any act of terrorism is an opportunity for the customer to change the geopolitical situation in the world or a particular region in its favor.

For Paris, it is very important to understand and correctly assess the situation and find answers to important questions, which are now in an information panic and floods verbiage behind the scenes.

1. What is it all about it?
2. Why France?
3. Why in the "Friday 13-go"?
4. Who in the end it is most profitable and what are the goals?

1. In spite of the fact that numerous analogies of the "bloody Friday" in Paris with the most notorious terrorist attacks of the past, 11 September in New York, "Nord-Ost" in Moscow and others, are already glimpsing in the media, what has happened now is one important difference . It was NOT a one-off action, but a series of shares, clearly tied in time and place. This is not a symbol of intimidation, but an actual declaration of war by those who consider their chances of success in this war preferable. And again, it's not about the performers who played the role of suicide bombers. I'm talking about the customer. This is a demonstration of strength and the translation of the situation in the European theater of military operations into an active phase. This is not a single event, it is the beginning of large-scale and very harsh events in the whole of Europe in the foreseeable future.

2. France was chosen to undermine the pan-European situation far from accidental. This becomes obvious, as soon as we look at what happened, not as a simple terrorist act, but as an opportunity to change the situation in two regions at once. Europe and the Middle East. In Europe there are not so many key countries that could claim to be a fuse to undermine the entire continent. Italy is too isolated in its larger part, besides it, in addition to official state structures, there is historically a traditional network of mafia control channels, which makes the real situation more stable and manageable. And do not underestimate this point.

Britain is isolated from the rest of Europe, the Strait is not part of Schengen, also occupies a special position in the EU. The explosion of the situation in Britain can have such far-reaching consequences for the continent.

Finally, Germany. The only country that, in principle, capable of anything to counter the coming chaos and become the head of Europe at a later stage. Its future role is to manage the chaos of sewage in the right direction for our customers. To the East.

So it is France that is the ideal candidate for the role of "fuse". Refugees, old and new, are more than enough. The governance structures are frankly weak and corrupt as much as possible. The population is large, there is a lot of money in the country. In this regard, very indicative of the behavior of Hollande. First, he heroically leaves the stadium after the terrorist attack, and then behind the thick walls of some bunker, surrounded by guards, but still looking around fearfully, "bravely" broadcasts to the people about how "we are all together in a single formation we will give a rebuff "and other" political dumbness ", corresponding to the moment. Do not tell me about the protocol and the requirements of the Security Council in such cases. But if Hollande had something to proudly ring in his pants, he would be right there at the stadium would be headed by some headquarters to prevent ... and eliminate the consequences ... And he would earn many points as a politician and head of state. And if I had been a little smarter, having escaped by helicopter, I would not have started shaking my fists in an hour, sitting in a safe haven. I would take some pause. In the way it happened in reality, he completely buried himself as a politician. But the most interesting thing is the other. Hollande behaved exactly as the whole of France behaves towards what is happening on its territory. And with the same pretty quick end. Chaos and panic will only increase, the governance structure of the country is poured on the joy of refugees. Money will sail to the United States.

There is also the second side of the question "why France". This is Syria. Syria in the not too distant past was precisely a French colony and until recently continued to be viewed by Paris as a zone of its interests. If anyone remembers, the US recently hinted at a ground operation in Syria. Allegedly against IGIL. In fact, since Russia's actions in Syria leave not too many chances for a bright future for this "neo-education," from the position of the United States, the process of eliminating what they themselves have created so persistently should be headed. And at the same time, having managed to occupy part of the territory before Assad's troops, to force him at least to share power in the future with his puppets. But in the United States there is one problem from the point of view of the internal political situation. They react very painfully to the death of their soldiers. And before the extremely important for the future of the US presidential elections, a string of coffins is not the best advertisement for those who seek to retain or intercept power. So, ideally, the US should act as it is used to. To head the next international coalition, removing the cream as a leader, but letting someone else die for these creams. And the French in this regard is an ideal candidate. Especially after such an occasion.

3. Friday 13. traditional bogey for Christians, additionally for decades actively heated by Hollywood. Already this one fact quite clearly indicates that the Customer has nothing to do with Muslim radicals. Accusing semi-literate Arab Mujahideen from IGIL is that they arranged this "Bartholomew's Night" in Paris the same as accusing the illiterate medieval peasant in Europe of ignorance of the details of the "Thousand and One Nights." The action is clearly designed for Christians and is organized by those who knew exactly what they are doing. The goal of any terrorist attack is always chaos and mass panic. And the symbolism of "Friday 13-go" is suitable for these purposes perfectly.

4. When analyzing what happened in Paris, it is appropriate to recall the recent catastrophe of the Russian airbus at Sinai. The speed with which and how massively the Western media started screaming about the terrorist act, its customers and the reasons, gave out a competent and well-organized direction. But, as often happens, when it comes to Russia, something has clearly gone wrong. The prolonged pause on the part of Putin, coupled with the "accidental leakage" of information about the nuclear torpedo, makes the West very nervous and jerky. And the longer the silence of the Kremlin lasts, the more it jerks. In real politics, the question will be solved in one way or another. But what about the population that has already been so actively "heated up" by publications about the terrorist attack? If in these conditions, when the attention of the whole world is focused on the tragedy in Egypt by the forces of the West itself, to disclose the true causes of the catastrophe, the result may be completely different from what was planned. And to reduce the consequences of retaliatory actions on the part of Russia, it became necessary to immediately switch the world's attention to a completely different topic, which will terrify the world even more. This was also Paris.

Loud actions always have not one, but a whole group of goals, which are planned to be achieved with the help of the terrorist act. First, it is to set the entire European situation on fire and bring it to the actual disintegration of the EU. It was no coincidence that, practically simultaneously with Paris, a refugee camp in Calais was fluttering. This translates the situation in the country from the category "the whole world against single terrorists" to the situation of "indigenous French against all those who came in large numbers." And the strength in this confrontation is by no means on the side of the authorities. In total, 150 thousand policemen across the country are against a couple of millions of brutal Muslim refugees, including those who have long arrived and live on welfare, not having the slightest desire to work. The outcome of the confrontation is not at all obvious. That violence and chaos, which almost inevitably overwhelm France in the very near future, the table will inevitably spread to the whole of Europe. France has already closed the borders, automatically all other EU countries will start doing the same thing now. This is the actual end of the Schengen and the first swallow to the infamous end of Brussels.

This is the start of a mass exodus of capital from Europe towards the only "safe harbor of the West" - the United States. With the inevitable deepening of the crisis in Europe and the growth of the degree of confrontation. At the same time it is likely to attempt to intercept the Russian initiative in Syria, which has clearly threatened the complete redistribution of the broader Middle East.

And all together is very clearly points to a single customer, which is beneficial to all event. Alas, but who today is interesting to think for themselves. After all, there is the media, which are all talk and identify the perpetrator. And the fact that the virtual reality in which we all live, brings an end to the present reality, no one cares.

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