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18.11.2015 - 13: 06

The tragedy in Paris in the context of geopolitics

Reading the vast majority of materials on the terrorist attacks in Paris, unwittingly convinced that modern man has completely lost the ability to think that part of the body, which was originally designed for this purpose. If anything, I'm talking about the head, inside which there is a special "gray matter."

When considering any terrorist activity should always keep in mind a few important points.

1. Terrorism is a business.
2. Any suicide is always a boss, he is a customer, pursuing their specific purpose. These goals have nothing to do with the name of what the terrorists are taking their shares.
3. For the customer the terrorists always drugged and duped "meat" is not of fundamental importance.
4. Any act of terrorism is an opportunity for the customer to change the geopolitical situation in the world or a particular region in its favor.

For Paris, it is very important to understand and correctly assess the situation and find answers to important questions, which are now in an information panic and floods verbiage behind the scenes.

1. What is it all about it?
2. Why France?
3. Why in the "Friday 13-go"?
4. Who in the end it is most profitable and what are the goals?

1. With all that in the media has flashed numerous analogies "bloody Friday" in Paris, with the most high-profile terrorist attacks of the past, 11 September in New York, "Nord-Ost" in Moscow and the other, at what has happened today, there is one important difference . This was not an isolated event, but clearly linked to time and place of a series of shares. It is not a symbol of intimidation and actual declaration of war on the part of those who think their chances of success in this war preferred. And again it is not about artists who acted as suicide. I'm on the Customer. This show of force and the translation situation in the European Theater of Operations in the active phase. It is not a single event, it is the beginning of large-scale and very hard events throughout Europe in the foreseeable future.

2. France was chosen to undermine the European situation is not accidental. This becomes evident when we look at what happened, not as a simple act of terrorism, as well as an opportunity to change the situation in two regions. Europe and the Middle East. In Europe, not so much the key countries that could claim to be the fuse to blow up the entire continent. Italy too isolated in their most part, moreover, in addition to her official state structures exist historically traditional mafia network control channels, which makes the real situation more stable and manageable. And do not underestimate this point.

Britain is isolated from the rest of Europe, the Strait is not part of Schengen, also occupies a special position in the EU. The explosion of the situation in Britain can have such far-reaching consequences for the continent.

Finally, Germany. The only country that, in principle, capable of anything to counter the coming chaos and become the head of Europe at a later stage. Its future role is to manage the chaos of sewage in the right direction for our customers. To the East.

So what France is an ideal candidate for the role of "fuse." The refugees, old and new, is more than enough. Governance structures are weak and frankly most corrupt. The population is large, a lot of money in the country. In this respect very revealing behavior Hollande. First, he heroically leaves on urgent a fitted helicopter stadium after the attack, and then behind the thick walls of a bunker, surrounded by guards, but still anxiously looking around, "bravely" broadcasts to the people about how "we are all together in the same ranks Roll Back "and other" politgluposti "appropriate time. You should not tell me about the protocol and the requirements of the Security Council in such cases. But if Hollande would be something to be proud ringing in his pants, he would be right there in the stadium led to some staff on the prevention and elimination of consequences ... ... and it would have earned a lot of points as a politician and head of state. And if there was a little bit smarter, he escaped in a helicopter, would not have an hour to shake fists angrily sitting in a safe haven. And I would take a pause. In fact, as has happened in reality, he is like a policy of completely buried. But the most interesting in the other. Hollande behaved exactly as the whole of France is behaving in relation to what is happening on its territory. And with the same pretty soon ending. Chaos and panic will only grow, the structure of governance to pour the joy of refugees. Money will departure to the United States.

There is a second aspect of the question "why France." This is Syria. Syria in the not too distant past, it was a French colony and until recently continued to be regarded as an area of ​​Paris was his interest. If anyone remembers, the US has recently given a hint about a ground operation in Syria. Allegedly against LIH. In fact, once Russia's actions in Syria are not left too much of a chance for a brighter future of this "neoobrazovaniya," that from the perspective of the US liquidation process that have been so hard to create, is to lead. And at the same time, having to take a part of the territory before the troops Assad to make him at least share power in the future with their puppets. But in the US there is a problem from the point of view of the political situation. There's a painfully react to the death of its soldiers. And before crucial for the future of the USA presidential election series of coffins it is not the best advertisement for those who want to keep or seize power. So ideally, the United States should act as accustomed. Another lead an international coalition, skimming as a leader, but allowing the cream to die for someone else. And the French in this regard the ideal candidate. Especially after such an occasion.

3. Friday 13-e. traditional bugbear for Christians, in addition to the decades actively heated Hollywood. This fact alone is quite clearly points to the fact that the customer has no relation to the Muslim radicals. Blaming semi Arab Mujahideen from the LIH in the fact that they made it the "St. Bartholomew's Night" in Paris, the same as blaming the illiterate medieval peasant in Europe in ignorance of details "Thousand and One Nights." The campaign is uniquely designed to Christians and organized by those who knew exactly what to do. The goal of any act of terrorism is always the chaos and mass panic. And the symbolism of "Friday 13-th" is suitable for this purpose perfectly.

4. The analysis of what happened in Paris is appropriate to recall the recent Russian Airbus crash in the Sinai. So, how fast and how much mass the Western media began to shout about the terrorist attack and its customers and the reasons issued by a competent and well organized director. But, as is often the case when it comes to Russia, something obviously went wrong. Tighten the pause from Putin along with the "accidental leak" of information on nuclear torpedo makes the West very nervous and jerky. And the longer the silence of the Kremlin, the more jerky. The real policy question one way or another will be resolved. But what about the population that has so actively "warmed up" contributions of the attack? If under these circumstances, when the world's attention as the forces of the West focused on the tragedy in Egypt, to make public the true causes of the accident, the result may be totally not what was planned. And to reduce the effects of retaliation on the part of Russia was an urgent need to shift the world's attention on a completely different topic, which horrified the world even more. Such and became Paris.

Loud actions always have not one but a whole group of the objectives to be achieved by a terrorist attack. The first is to set fire to the whole European situation and bring it to the actual collapse of the EU. It is no accident almost simultaneously with Paris flared refugee camp in Calais. This puts the situation in the country from the category of "the whole world is against single-terrorists" in a situation of "indigenous Frenchmen against all come in large numbers." And the power of this confrontation is not on the side of the authorities. Total 150 thousand police officers throughout the country against a pair of brutal million Muslim refugees, including those who came long ago and lives on welfare, without the slightest desire to work. The result of opposition completely obvious. That violence and chaos that almost inevitably engulf France in the near future, just as inevitably will spread to the whole of Europe. France has closed its borders, automatically the same thing now will do the rest of the EU. This is the actual end of the Schengen area and the first swallow to an inglorious end in Brussels.

This is the start of a mass exodus of capital from Europe towards the only "safe harbor of the West" - the United States. With the inevitable deepening of the crisis in Europe and the growth of the degree of confrontation. At the same time it is likely to attempt to intercept the Russian initiative in Syria, which has clearly threatened the complete redistribution of the broader Middle East.

And all together is very clearly points to a single customer, which is beneficial to all event. Alas, but who today is interesting to think for themselves. After all, there is the media, which are all talk and identify the perpetrator. And the fact that the virtual reality in which we all live, brings an end to the present reality, no one cares.

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