Today: January 20 2019
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Trump really does what Putin needs

Trump really does what Putin needs

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"What Trump does for Russians is either naivete, or ignorance, or fear," says former CIA chief John Brennan. "Trump betrays his country," "Russia's easy prey: the president turned into a dangerous idiot," - writes the American press. The US President is directly accused of high treason. And, perhaps, this is only for the benefit of Russia.

The fact that Trump did not go to Danang to hold an official meeting with Putin did not diminish the degree of attacks on him by the American press and the establishment. Moreover - publicly expressed by the US President's impressions of the conversation with the Russian president caused a flurry of not even criticism, but accusations against the head of state.

But Trump merely said that Putin, in a conversation with him, again denied any Russian intervention in the American elections. "And I really believe that when he says it to me, it's true," Trump said. Having added that, in his opinion, Putin "is very insulted by this. Which is not very good for our country ":

"This is a fake Democrats, based on custom-made compromising material .... And this is absolutely custom-made dirt ... Everyone knows that there was no collusion. I think it's a shame that something like this can destroy the very important potential relationship between the two countries - very important countries. "

For the words that he believes Putin, Trump was immediately subjected to obstruction

- he was accused of not believing in his special services, but in Russian. After all, Trump not only quoted Putin's words, but also said once again that the former leaders of the special services - Klapper from the National Intelligence and Brennan with Komi from the CIA - are "political intriguers".

In response, Senator John McCain wrote that "you can not say that for you," America is above all, "if you believe the word of the KGB colonel more than the American intelligence community ... Vladimir Putin does not think about America's interests. It is not only naive to believe him. Such a belief creates a danger to our national interests. "

The Sunday newspaper headlines spoke for themselves: "Backing the enemy" in the New York Times and "Russia's easy prey: the president turned into a dangerous idiot" in the Washington Post. In them Trump openly accused of high treason:

"It was a stunning statement, betrayal of the confidence of Americans and the interests of our country, which in itself is a high treason ...

The truth is that we are now in real time observing how presidential paranoia is hindering our national policy and our national interests. An inconvenient fact is that Trump defends not American, but his own interests. As for Russia's attack on our elections, here the interests of Trump and Putin coincide and are opposed to facts and against America.

This alone is inexcusable. Trump betrays his country, trying to curry favor with his new comrade ...

Trump tries in every possible way to evade this simple, fact-based statement. Russia attacked our elections, during which he was elected. Therefore, she must pay for her crimes, so that this never happens again, Trump does not recognize this crime, because it was beneficial to him. Trump will not insult Russia, as it is entirely possible that it was she who brought him to power. Trump is the American president to the extent that he is a Russian project.

And this means that he is discredited as the head of the country and the head of executive power. It also means that because of Trump's fear of dishonor, we are all in danger, because we are threatened with new attacks and tricks. Trump is a victim of Putin's deception. "

This Charles Blow in the New York Times inspires his readers that "Putin wants to look like an innocent man, and Trump wants to be considered a legitimate president. But both the first and the second are not true. " But the Washington Post is not far behind either. Jennifer Rubin begins his text by saying that "authoritarianism, narcissism and racism of President Trump threaten our democracy, and his credulity threatens our national security": "

"A person so uneducated and so ignorant of the processes taking place in the world is ready - like his supporters - to believe in any insane conspiracy theory that comes to him through information warfare and Fox. On the world stage, this makes it an easy target for crafty manipulators and experienced flatterers. "

That is, Trump believes in the "conspiracy theory" - which, it turns out, consists in trying to hide Russian interference! That is, Ruby gives out black for white. Fictions about the Russian track and collusion with Trump, she gives as a reality, and the unwillingness of the US president to recognize this "reality" - as a paranoia.

"Anyone who puts forward naked facts - the leading media, scientists, governments of countries - allies of the United States, Democrats, supporters of the movement #NeverTrumpers, refuting myths dear to their hearts, is the enemy of the whole people. Yes, it is in this mental universe that Trump and his supporters exist. This makes Trump susceptible and even ready to believe our enemies at the expense of American values, security and interests. He looks like clay in the hands of artful autocrats. He is such a target that counterintelligence agents can only dream of: he is an arrogant fool. "

To reinforce his verdict, Rubin cites the text of Clint Watts, a former FBI special agent:

"Russia's influence on Trump most likely falls into the category of what Madeleine Albright called a" useful idiot ": a hot fan of Putin, who supports any point of view and position that nourishes his ego and beats him. Russian intelligence for several decades has been engaged throughout the world in the search and promotion of such people who are amenable to manipulation and are ready to serve its interests. Like a growing weight of alternative right-wing politicians in Europe, Trump promotes such populist topics as xenophobia, the opposition of immigration and the pride of white nationalists, which naturally leads to a decrease in US influence in the world. Discovering this, Russia was able to contribute to lifting Trump and influence his position in three ways ... ".

The fact that one of the leading US newspapers calls the president of his country an agent of influence, and the second accuses him of state treason - albeit in the style of the two-year campaign against Trump, but still demonstrates new heights in the war of the American elites against the head of state.

Trump reacted to this the next day, Sunday. On the one hand, he wrote in "Twitter": "When all the haters and fools realize that a good relationship with Russia is good, not bad?", And on the other - began to explain what he had in mind when talking about , that he believes Putin:

"I meant that I believe that Putin speaks sincerely, and that to believe is very important. I believe that he is convinced that neither he nor Russia interfered in the elections ... As for whether I believe it or not, I, together with our services, especially taking into account the current composition of their leadership. I believe in our intelligence agencies. I worked very closely with them. "

That is, Trump tried to escape from the accusations that he does not trust his special services. He has repeatedly said that he does not dispute the report of the special services on Russia's interference, rejecting only suspicions that it had a strong effect on the election, was made in his favor - and all the more so because he was in collusion with Moscow. In these words, Trump is not schizophrenic. Simply after such a large-scale processing of public opinion, which is subjected to American media by its people, Trump can no longer simply limit himself to the words that the topic of Russian interference is invented. He has to admit his presence in the hope of at least somehow knocking down the topic or even transfer it to Clinton.

However, for the attacking Trump, his maneuvers have no significance - they continue to beat the president with direct fire. On the same day, two former leaders of the US intelligence services responded to "insults" in their address (what Trump called them intriguers), and to Trump's "outrageous" statements.

The former director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that Trump, belittling the significance of Russia's intervention in last year's elections, creates a threat to US national security:

"The threat from Russia, as John has just said (Brennan, the former director of the CIA), is obvious and unquestionable. And it seems to me that it is monstrous - to represent it in some other way, because in fact this threat is extremely dangerous and pernicious for our country. "

"It seems to me that both the Chinese and the Russians now think that they will be able to drive him by the nose," Clapper added, and Brennan said that Putin's apparent success in relations with Trump is due to the fact that the Russian president uses flattery, and "on for some reason "may" threaten "Trump:

"What Trump does for Russians is either naivety, or ignorance, or fear."

This formulation, in fact, reflects the whole spectrum of accusations against Trump from the American establishment. It is in this they are trying to convince the Americans - to prepare the impeachment, or rather, the overthrow of the president. Trump is either incompetent, or a fool, or the Russians have dirt on him - in any case, he is dangerous to the United States. While Trump's rating is low, the Americans still do not believe in such agitation.

Is Trump naive? It's ridiculous - both the nature of his activities before being elected president, and his character excludes any possibility of naivety.

Trump is incompetent? That is, it is naive in foreign policy? Not only is he the world's most knowledgeable president in the history of the United States (before he was elected, he traveled half the world, it was better for him to imagine the international situation except perhaps Nixon and Bush Sr.), so at his disposal also the best brains of those , who understands the US in world affairs: Kissinger as a consultant and Tillerson as Secretary of State.

Trump is afraid? Does Putin have dirt on Trump? Does the former CIA director really believe in the report about Trump's Moscow adventures and other stories collected by a former British intelligence officer? If he believes, it remains only to desecrate with respect to the level of American intelligence services. If not, then he either sincerely does not understand Trump's motives for Russia, or he deliberately lies about it. Misunderstanding is easy enough to cut off - Trump does not offer anything that would contradict American interests. His plans contradict only the interests of global elites. The very forces that piss the very idea that in some way the enemy came to power in the US, a person who wants to turn America into a national state.

And they did not think of anything better than to declare Trump a "useful idiot" of their main opponent in an external, non-Western world - Vladimir Putin. "Trump does what Putin wants." And we must admit that this is true. Trump wants the United States to become a nation state again, not a world dictator and a base for building a "one-on-one West" first, and then a "single humanity." And - what a surprise - Putin wants exactly the same.

With only one amendment - Trump is just trying to start doing what Putin wants. But they do not give it to him in any way. And Putin has long been doing what Trump wants to do - changing the world order. And will change it further - along with Trump or without it.

Moreover - by its struggle with Trump, the Atlantic elites do not interfere, but only help Russia build a new world order. After all, trying to stop the course of history, that is, to throw Trump, the American establishment only further shakes up both the collapsing "American world" and the building of the United States itself.

So this can be called "useful idiots" - not only for Putin, but for the rest of humanity. In addition to America itself - but they do not think about its well-being, unlike Trump.

Peter Akopov
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