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Trump and Abbas discussed the settlement of the Middle East

President Donald Trump during a White House meeting with President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas discussed the Middle East peace process, the two sides reaffirmed their commitment to achieving peace in the region.

In a statement the White House said that the two sides also discussed the strengthening of the US-Palestinian relations. Trump and Abbas agreed to work towards a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, RIA "Novosti".

Trump said Abbas, his personal commitment "to help the Israelis and Palestinians to reach a comprehensive peace, and that it can be achieved only through direct negotiations between them."

Both leaders also noted the need to strengthen the fight against terrorism and the importance of cooperation between the US and the PNA. Trump announced his intention to achieve economic growth in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, the Palestinian ambassador to Russia Abdel Hafez Nofal confirmed that the head of the Palestinian Authority Abbas will arrive in Moscow on a visit 11 of May.

A source: LOOK

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