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Trump and Abbas discussed the settlement of the Middle East

President Donald Trump during a White House meeting with President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas discussed the Middle East peace process, the two sides reaffirmed their commitment to achieving peace in the region.

In a statement the White House said that the two sides also discussed the strengthening of the US-Palestinian relations. Trump and Abbas agreed to work towards a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, RIA "Novosti".

Trump said Abbas, his personal commitment "to help the Israelis and Palestinians to reach a comprehensive peace, and that it can be achieved only through direct negotiations between them."

Оба лидера также отметили необходимость усиления борьбы с терроризмом и важность сотрудничества США и ПНА. Трамп заявил о намерении достичь экономического роста на Западном берегу реки Иордан и в секторе Газа.

Earlier, the Palestinian ambassador to Russia Abdel Hafez Nofal confirmed that the head of the Palestinian Authority Abbas will arrive in Moscow on a visit 11 of May.

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