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Trump will begin to seize foreign assets of Russian oligarchs and officials 2 February 2018 year

Trump will begin to seize foreign assets of Russian oligarchs and officials 2 February 2018 year

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The most secret intelligence service in the world is already preparing lists.

A huge interest of our readers was caused by a conversation with an expert from Izborsk (patriotic) club Elena Larina «Trump is preparing to confiscate the foreign capitals of Russian oligarchs and officials". Only on the site «KP"In the first days it was read by over 300 thousand people! 22 thousands of outposts in social networks.


True, among the comments (and there are more than a thousand!), There was also the opinion of a familiar liberal with the Soviet experience: "Save God from analysts and theoreticians of the Izborsk club! From Prokhanov and Kurghin people. From narooknitskosti and of the Duigintsy! "They say it's not serious, it's cheap propaganda ...

But this is what the political scientist Liliya recently announced on Radio Liberty Shevtsova: "The introduction of a sanctions regime against the Kremlin, primarily American sanctions, which jeopardize the West states and assets of the Russian political class, threaten to leave him without pants. "Mrs. Shevtsova - a famous liberal. And very knowledgeable. In the record of the professor besides his native Moscow MGIMO - solid American universities Berkeley, Cornell and Georgetown, the Kennan Institute, the Royal Institute of International AffairsLondon), The Foundation Carnegie и dr. Several times the lady participated in secret meetings of the Bilderberg Club, which is considered a branch of the world behind the scenes. The natives Of Lviv herself spoke in 2014 for tougher Western sanctions against the Kremlin. And then I waited!

The soonest confiscation of Russian assets was recently substantiated recently by Andrei Piontkovsky, the eminent liberal emigrant, on the same radio Liberty and the liberated emigrant.

The clouds are gathering ...

- You raised an extremely topical and important topic! - called the editorial office project analyst Yuri KRUPNOV. - Already 2 February next year, one and a half months before the presidential election in of Russia, USA will start demonstrative, literally live, expropriation of wealth, hidden abroad by our oligarchs and bureaucrats. The amount is considerable. According to various estimates, from 1 to 2 trillions of dollars.

- How do you know the exact date? A leak from the CIA? Or did one woman say?

- Well, it's very easy to calculate. It is not necessary neither in CIA walk, nor to the grandmother. Remember, 2 August Trump signed the US law "On countering opponents America through sanctions "?

- Yes, of course, I remember!

- According to this law, the Secretary of State, the US Treasury Department, the head of the National Intelligence Service are obliged to submit in 180-day period a report on the largest Russian businessmen connected with the Kremlin, indicating the amounts and sources of their incomes, information on the assets of relatives (including wives, brothers and sisters, children and parents), as well as information about their business contacts with foreign companies. The report is open, for a minute, it will be published. The deadline for submission of the report expires in time for 2 February. His publication will surely become a signal for the start of "penning hunting" on the capital of Russian nouveaux riches hidden in offshore. Everything is simple and clear. In accordance with the law. Otherwise, why prepare a report?


"But Trump, you know, was obviously reluctant to sign that law." Maybe somehow it will "shake" the hunt for Russian assets ...

"It will not work out." Congress is keeping an eye on the president. Not without reason in late September, two famous senator-Russophobe - Republican John McCain and Democrat Ben Cardin publicly appealed to Donald Trump with the requirement to begin to implement in full force new sanctions from 2 August: "We understand that this is a complex law, but it's time to start acting ... Your administration was to determine by October 1 parameters on which Identify persons who could potentially fall under restrictions for cooperation with Russia in the defense and information security sectors. However, to date, there is no reason to believe that this will be done by the deadline ... ".

- So, Trump himself is driven ...

- Having received reprimand, the American president urgently appointed curators for anti-Russian sanctions. The "extraordinary three" was headed by the Secretary of State Tillerson, a chevalier of our Order of Friendship. He is assisted by the chief of national intelligence, Coates and Minister of Finance Mnuchin.


The site of the world's special security service for sanctions. All accounts they have long been in control. You just need a team to expropriate.

"Everything is clear with the Secretary of State, the chief intelligence officer." And what is the chief financier doing there?

- Officially, Trump commissioned him sanctions, which are introduced for the spread of corruption in Russia.

"But this is a rude interference in our internal affairs!" With their own corruption, we'll figure it out ourselves somehow. The Prosecutor General's Office is available, the Investigative Committee, at worst, the Navalny ...

"Yankees, what do you take from them?" Everywhere you put your nose. But the wording about the spread of corruption in Russia, you will agree, is very fraught for domestic owners of offshore accounts.

In reality, the role of Stephen Mnuchin in the "extraordinary three" wheremore serious than even the chief intelligence officer of the United States and the Secretary of State himself. At the Russian citizen at a mention Ministry of Finance there is an image of a miser-book-keeper of the type Kudrin, eager to sterilize additional oil revenues. However, the overseas MoF is a completely different bird. Chief for all US sanctions on the planet.

- The Ministry of Finance? Really?

- I emphasize: it's not the White House, the State Department, Laceley, but the Ministry of Finance. More precisely, its subdivision with a simple name - "Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)." In fact, it is the "coolest" and most secret intelligence service of the United States and the world.

- I admit, I've never heard of such an "Office".

- About the American NSA before the exposure of Snowden, too, the absolute majority did not hear. Although it has long since taken under the radio-electronic "cap" the whole planet. By the way, both these influential structures of the Yankees were created at the beginning of 50. At the height of the Korean War, where the interests of the United States were first encountered on the battlefield, the USSR, China.

It is this "Office", located in the building opposite the Ministry of Finance, is engaged in the control of assets and finances around the globe, has almost unlimited access to such intimate information as money. Which, as you know, love silence. Here, all American sanctions against undesirable Washington countries, regimes, firms, individuals, "blacklists" of non-entry politicians, businessmen, companies whose assets are worth blocking are drawn up. A huge, constantly replenishing list of citizens and companies of Russia from the year 2014 under the sanctions of the West is also the work of the employees of the "Office". Moreover, even in court they are not obliged to explain why this or that person, the organization, the firm "got in a binding", to disclose their sources of information. They also exclude persons from the "black list".

Against the backdrop of this "Office" workers "cloak and dagger" from the CIA and even the NSA look like vaudeville characters.

One example. 1-th March 2011 year, the US froze 30 billion dollars of assets Gaddafi, governments and Central Bank Libya. It is believed that this was the world's largest simultaneous freezing of money in the history of sanctions. While the largest. On the operation of the guys from the "Office" it took less than 48 hours! Although they developed it for a long time. Now they are also quietly, without publicity, preparing lists of Russian billionaires and millionaires. Fortunately, all data on assets, accounts at hand.

America is in a hurry. Hastens to have time for our presidential elections 18 March, the day of joining Russia Crimea.

By the way, one more interesting news - the CIA recently officially announced the recruitment of employees with knowledge of the Russian language.


"Let's return from the CIA to our sheep, Yuri Vasilievich." More precisely, to the "wealthy Pinocchio". Not on the same America came together a wedge of white light. There is also England, a favorite habitat for Russian oligarchs and other nouveaux riches. They are literally worn there on their hands, dust particles blow off. For sure, and now not touched.

- They're touched. First, the US "Office for Control over Foreign Assets" operates around the world and has a colossal influence even in the most "independent" banking systems, such as the Swiss. This "Office" in the 21 century turned the famous "banking secret" into an insignificant phrase.

Secondly, in UK prepared its own "ambush". 1 January comes into force the law "On Criminal Finance", approved by the Queen. As the influential English magazine The Economist writes, which is considered a mouthpiece Rothschild, the British police received a new tool in the fight against corruption.

England, it is known, for a long time was a reliable "quiet haven" for foreign corrupt officials of all stripes, hiding their money stolen at home there. One of the ways to "go to the shit" - the purchase of luxurious mansions in comfortable areas of London.

- Our oligarchs, officials especially fell in love with "London" for the safety of their assets. Already began to crowd out local rich people.

- Officially, according to the National Crime Agency, on foggy Albion annually laundered to 90 billion pounds sterling ($ 120 billion). In fact, experts say, this amount is higher.

The new law, the Economist writes, will greatly facilitate the law enforcement agencies of the UK the process of confiscating property stolen by corrupt bureaucrats and scammers. I emphasize, confiscations!

- In what way?

- The Law on Criminal Finance will enable British courts to send a so-called "unexplained wealth orders" request to foreign owners of assets in the UK (unexplained wealth orders, UWO). And the owner of companies, real estate, bank accounts, other property that caused questions from the state authorities, AMU will have to explain the origin of the funds. The new rules will apply to "politically exposed persons" (PEP) who have a relationship to political or bureaucratic activities outside EU.

- Abramovich, who settled in London, I remember, was the governor of Chukotka. Bureaucrat.

- And those who are suspected of involvement in serious crimes. They fall under the hood of law enforcement officers and those ladies, gentlemen, whose official incomes are clearly insufficient to buy property, the same mansion in the center of London, if the asset value exceeds 50 thousand pounds. The law contains many other traps on our corrupt officials, the nouveaux riches, I will not enumerate everything. One nuance: giving false information about assets, under the new law, will be considered a criminal offense. And the courts, law enforcement agencies in Britain meticulous.

When the US before the presidential elections in Russia will give a go-ahead for confiscation, the British, be sure, will also have questions (and requests!) For the assets of our nouveau riche. After all, in the course of Berezovsky's famous lawsuit against Abramovich in London, it was widely disseminated how the states of the "new owners" of Russia were created after the collapse of the USSR. The Russian service of the BBC also commented on the outcome of the scandalous process in 2012: "For Russian business, this is bad news, because in fact the court has proven the facts of the very dubious origin of most of the assets that the oligarchs are now trying to dispose of, including in their international projects. "

"But, maybe there are some ways to protect our respective bodies?"

- No. On the contrary. By the way, the Russian Federation itself will also start fulfilling its obligations under the International Agreement on Automatic Financial Information Exchange (CRS MCAA) on 1 January - automatically (!) To provide financial intelligence services of the United States and Great Britain with information on incomes of Russian taxpayers received from funds in bank accounts, on account balances, as well as on payments from these accounts!

- Full ambush! But let's be frank, Yury Vasilievich. Judging by the readers' responses to our conversation with Elena Larina, the absolute majority of ordinary citizens of Russia will only be pleased with such confiscation. Say, even though they will answer that!

- It is clear gloating of the common people about how the Yankees will "cut our rams"," Undress "and letting the post-Soviet nouveaux riches poured into the vast treasures of a great country. But the responsible people should have very different feelings and thoughts: how to save the country and the people, draw the decapitalization of our so-called "elite" planned for the ocean for Russia's benefit and make a step into a worthy future?



Jury Krupnov, 56 years. Chairman of the Development Movement, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development, laureate of the President of the Russian Federation award in the field of education, current state counselor RF 3 class (in the military hierarchy - the general).

Head of development projects: "The doctrine of razmoskvichivaniya", "Demographic Doctrine of Russia", "Project State", "Industrial Doctrine of Russia", "Siberia - the new Central Russia and the center of new industrialization "," New Eastern policy "and many others. The author of books: "Becoming a world power", "The house in Russia. National idea "," The sun in Russia goes back to East" and etc.

Eugene BLACK
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