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10.05.2017 - 18: 01

Trump FBI beheaded

Western media fix "political fire" and predict "earthquake" after the US president made a scandalous decision to dismiss the head of the FBI James Comey. The head of the security services was one of the main "heroes" of the investigation hacking Clinton address. He actively scandal unraveled the "communication Trump Russian campaign." Do stop Komi care so tiresome Trump "romp on taxpayers' money," or new Washington disasters expect?

"Markets are afraid of the new Watergate" - under this headline the British The Guardian published an analytical story on Donald Trump's decision to dismiss the head of the FBI James Comey. "The resignation of James Comey for the" wrong "investigation hacking e-mail Hillary Clinton undermines the dollar", - has sounded the alarm issue.

Deutsche Welle German transatlantic ally predicted a "political earthquake." Reuters has found another comparison with the elements - Trump "sparked a political fire" when dismissed the head of the secret services, who "played a leading role in the investigation of communication Trump's presidential campaign with Russia."

Trump himself the day before left a message on Twitter, which has admitted that he is tired of the speculation about his relations with Russia, and called it "a fuss at the taxpayers' money." However, it seems that only the Komi dismissal sparked simmering scandal.

The head of the FBI, "helped" Trump, won the second in the history of layoffs

Trump, dismissing James Komi as head of the FBI, spoke rather harshly - said the head of the FBI no longer cope with their responsibilities. Department head of the Ministry of Justice Jeff Seshnsa concretized Komi abused authority (literally - "usurping power"), when he announced the termination of the investigation on the case of the e-mails Hillari Klinton. The irony is that, in the opinion of many Clinton supporters, the FBI director, to resume the investigation of the same case, contributed to the victory Trump, says Washington Post. Clinton herself just announced that Trump lost due to the actions of Russia and James Comey.

It should be noted that the history of the resignation, which may be the beginning of the biggest scandal since the election of Trump, once acquired an ironic tinge. FBI Director, learning about his sudden dismissal (this he was informed by his subordinates during the briefing), for a long time could not believe what happened, and thought it was a hoax.

Believe really hard - Komi appeared only the second director of the FBI in American history, which dismissed the president. The first was the namesake of the Justice Minister Jeff Seshnsa - William Seshns. And to the resignation also has a direct bearing on Clinton (President Bill Clinton in 1993, the director of the FBI fired for abuse of power). However, as noted above, the media and politicians have found a much more ominous historical analogue - the Watergate crisis.

Democrats call the spirit of Watergate

The head of the Washington bureau DW Miodrag Shorich, as well as British colleagues, compares the decision Trump with the Watergate affair - which, recall, over the departure of President Richarda Niksona under threat of imminent impeachment. "Nixon also dismissed the prosecutor who investigated mischief president," - said the columnist DW.

Of course, the first about Watergate remembered Trump opponents - Democrats. "An independent investigation of the role played in the Moscow elections, it was the only way to restore the faith of Americans" in democracy ", - declared the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. But now, the senator said, Trump has made something like "Saturday's massacre 1973 years." Under this scary name in modern US history left aforementioned scandalous dismissal of the public prosecutor and his deputy in the midst of the Watergate crisis.

Financial Times calls happening is simple - political massacre, and points directly to: the president's decision - an attempt to influence the investigation of the White House ties with Moscow. The resignation means that the White House appoint a new bureau chief, one who will carry out the investigation in the right Trump line emphasizes FT. Dismissal of Komi "reinforces the suspicion of having links with the Russian Trump," stresses Washington Post.

Switching from the address Clinton "Russian trace"

Well-known Republican Senator Dzhon Makkeyn, on this occasion, called for a special committee to investigate the "intervention of Russia" in the elections, which led to the government of President Republican Trump. Actually the Senate "fuss" continues to go full speed. So, as recently as May 8 former head of the US National Intelligence Dzheyms Klepper and former and. about. Minister of Justice Salli Yeyts answered the questions of the Senate on the alleged "conspiracy" surrounding Trump with Russia. But Komi dismissal clearly contribute to the resuscitation of the scandal.

Political analyst Viktor Olevich-Americanist in comments the newspaper VIEW remarked immediately after the dismissal of Komi a number of senior representatives of the Democratic Party and other political leaders have said that the decision Trump has no relation to the investigation in respect of Clinton. Trump "really" tries to put pressure on the investigation into his administration Relations with Russia.

In this vein we have made Senator Richard Durbin, Clinton's presidential campaign manager Robin Muck and columnist Charles Krauthammer. "The reaction is predictable. Will be observed trying to use this situation to require the appointment of an independent special prosecutor to investigate the affairs of administration Trump with Russia, "- said the source.

Next target - Attorney General?

Komi during the campaign contributed to the victory Trump, to reopen the investigation in respect Clinton for its use of private e server. Hillary then dropped support. "But Komi can not be called a loyal ally or Trump" - said Olevich. "There is no confidence in the loyalty svezheuvolennogo FBI director at the Trump was not and could not be. That is absolutely clear, playing their own game "- in turn, noted in an interview with the newspaper analyst VIEW-Americanist Nikita Kurkin.

But now under attack can be really loyal member of the Trump team. The President announced that he had decided to dismiss the Komi Republic on the recommendation of the public prosecutor Jeff Seshnsa and his deputy Rod Rozenstina recalled Victor Olevich.

When he was sacked Maykl Flinn because of his contacts with the Russian ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak, Trump's opponents immediately switched it on Seshnsa Attorney General, said the expert. It stated that Trump's protege Seshns also met with Kislyak and said this during the hearings in the Senate.

"Seshns stated that he withdraws and will not influence the course of the investigation - said Olevich. - Now there is another reason for the criticism turns that Seshns his promise not kept. "

Consequences: counterstrike Bannon and the search for loyal person

As for the consequences, "those who believe that Trump - a product of living hell, blessed by Putin personally like to believe in it and will believe," says Nikita Kurkin. As for those who supported Trump, is starting to turn around and give the date the chief political advisor to President Stiv Bennon, "which was on a very strong run-up, because it is - an absolute persona non grata in the Washington establishment."

"That is the closest circle of advisers Trump - Stiv Bennon, Greg Miller and Kellian Conway - goes on the offensive," - said the expert.

According to him, the scandal with the dismissal of Komi can hardly undermine the work of ministry, "the FBI - it is a huge bureaucratic machine, which exists quite successfully for decades. Change political human tasks, which will replace the Komi. The most important thing for Trump - to be able to spend a really loyal person to him for this position. "

Until now, US intelligence agencies did not submit to the new president, and pursued a policy of pursuing the interests of the American political establishment, not Trump, said Victor Olevich. He believes that the sudden resignation of Komi have a negative impact on the efficiency of his department.

A source: LOOK

Author: Marina Baltachevo, Michael Moshkin

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