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Trump: I do not know if I can get along with Putin

The head of the American state, Donald Trump does not know how will develop its relations with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, but believes that "better to get along with Russia, than do not get along."

"Will I be able to get along with him? I do not know "- said Trump.

Trump said that "it would be good" if Russia helped the United States in the fight against the terrorist organization "Islamic State *", reports TASS referring to Fox News.

This Trump said that Putin respects, according to RIA "Novosti".

During participation in the presidential race, Trump has repeatedly stated that he was confident in their future good relations with Moscow. Trump said that would be able to establish a good relationship with the president of Russia.

Recently, however, his statements are more cautious. So, in late January, he said he does not know what will be the relations between the US and Russia - "good, bad, or no." He noted that this also applies to his future relations with Putin.

At the same time Trump has always stressed that the US would do well to come to terms with Russia.

In January, Putin and Trump had a conversation on the phone.

The press service of the Kremlin and the White House after talks US leader noted that she was held in a positive and businesslike manner, the parties intend to develop relations on a wide range of international issues.

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