Today: March 22 2019
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Trump threatened EU with duties

Trump threatened EU with duties

Tags: Trump, USA, EU, Trade, Economics, International Relations

The European Union should remove "terrible barriers" in trade with the US, otherwise Washington will impose customs duties, said US President Donald Trump after talks with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Leven.

He believes that "the EU was not good" to the US, as a result of which a "very unfair situation" arose in trade, Tass reports.

"The EU is particularly cruel to the United States. They make it almost impossible for us to do business with them ... The European Union is unfair with us, "RIA Novosti quotes Trump as saying.

Trump said that the EU countries "send cars and everything else to the US", they can "do anything".

"But if they do, we will impose duties in 25% on their cars. And, believe me, they will not be able to continue this way for long, "he said.

The protection of the interests of American companies and workers Trump called one of the main tasks at the post of US president.

According to him, negotiations are possible if the EU rejects some of the "terrible barriers" that are hindering the supply of American products.

"Otherwise, we will leave everything as a network," Trump said.

Leven expressed hope for the continuation of the dialogue between the US and the EU on the issue of duties on the import of steel into the United States.

The New York Times writes that the director of the National Economic Council under the White House, Gary Cohn, intends to resign, one of the reasons for this decision is Cohn's disagreement with Washington's planned introduction of import duties on steel and aluminum.

Recall Trump last week said that the US introduces import duties on steel at a rate of 25% and aluminum at 10%. At the same time, NBC reported with reference to sources that Trump "did not own himself" when he decided to launch a "trade war".

In the EU, Trump's actions saw a threat of undermining the WTO. In Russia, Europe's concerns were divided, as well as predicted damage from US duties on Russian steel.

Anton Antonov
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