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Trump continued diplomacy bombing

President Donald Trump got a taste for vengeance and presses the trigger. Thus, Russian experts, and the American media estimate used in Afghanistan MOAB heavy-duty high-explosive bombs - "mother of all bombs." Military effect does not correspond to sweep "the best armed forces in the world." And the said State Department diplomatic effect causes the fear of a new arms race.

Moscow does not interfere in US military planning, but insists that any of their actions were carried out in the framework of international law. So Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said first combat use of the most powerful non-nuclear bombs the US.

We are talking about a bomb GBU-43 / B, also known as the MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Blast - «heavy ordnance explosive action," or jokingly, Mother Of All Bombs - «mother of all bombs").

Heavy-duty high-explosive bomb on the eve of the first time "is used in the" in Afghanistan. "We have the best military in the world, and they have done the work as usual. We gave them a complete solution, "- commented the president of the United States, Donald Trump, without specifying whether he had authorized the use of the bomb.

White House spokesman Shon Spayser also said there has been a sanction of the President. In this case, Spicer said: "The United States has taken all precautions to avoid civilian casualties."

The State Department acknowledged that the use of the bomb was "a diplomatic effect." "It is, I imagine," - said spokesman Mark Toner Office.

Where it was used "infallible remedy"

The purpose was the complex of tunnels in Nangarhar province, which used the group "LIH * - Vilayat Khorasan" (LIH-X, the separation of the "Islamic State *" in Afghanistan and Pakistan).

The Afghan Defense Ministry said on Friday: 36 IG militants were killed as a result of the bomb *. "As the loss-LIH X insurgents use improvised explosive devices, bunkers and tunnels, to strengthen their defense," - said General Dzhon Nikolson, commander of US forces in Afghanistan. According to the general, "the mother of all bombs" - a "sure means to remove the obstacles and save the activity of our attack on the position of LIH-X".

IG stated the absence of losses on impact "mother of all bombs"

Terrorist group "Islamic State *" issued a statement claiming that the militants did not suffer losses as a result of the US armed forces in Afghanistan, heavy-duty, non-nuclear bomb GBU-43, reported by Western media.

According to the data controlled by terrorists Amaq agency in the ranks of IG * after the bombing no wounded or killed, "Interfax".

A former employee of the CIA and the NSA Edward Snowden said, the United States bombed the tunnels, construction of which they themselves had funded in the past.

It is significant that the use of the bomb was criticized and in Afghanistan. "The United States does not engage in Afghanistan, fighting terrorists andinhumane usecountry as a testing ground for a new and dangerous weapons ", - said the former president, Hamid Karzai. Note that Karzai has given to the government during the US operation against "Taliban" had a reputation as a pro-American leader.

American "mom" and Russian "papa"

A relatively new kind of weapon - "bomb-mother" with a mass slightly less explosive 9 tons - up to detonate index 11 tons of TNT. This 1,3 thousand. Times less than the power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, but much more power standard bombs.

GBU-43 / B or MOAB - bomb blast volume; such munitions are often incorrectly referred to as vacuum, or thermobaric bombs. The radius of destruction MOAB - about 140 meters. Partial failure occurs at a distance of up to 1,5 km from the epicenter.

«Mother Of All Bombs - heiress to the American bombs that were used during the war in Vietnam to" stake out "the jungle", - explained the newspaper VIEW military expert, chief editor of "Arsenal of the Fatherland" Viktor Murakhovski. The expert explained that this bomb is different from their counterparts only a special mass and technological innovation is not.

"The main damaging effect of a bomb - explosive fragmentation, ie, a shock wave of the explosion. Fragments it gives very little. So basically used for the destruction, clearance of areas of some objects from the vegetation, and so on ", - said Murakhovski.

MOAB was developed in 2002-2003 years. On the occasion of the current combat use of the Pentagon unveiled a video bomb tests 14-year-old.

It is assumed that the disposal of the US army is 15 MOAB bombs.

In the 2007 year in Russia was adopted by the bomb explosion surround AVBPM ( "father of all bombs"). By analogy with the American "mother" the Russian equivalent earned him the nickname "Father of all bombs."

"Papa" is easier to "mother" - the mass of the explosive about 7 thousand tons.. However, the destructive power of the Russian analogue is much higher: the power of the explosion - 44 thousand tons of TNT.. AVBPM capable of hitting in 20 times larger area than MOAB - 180 9 quarters against the American counterpart.

According to military experts, it was the Russian bomb is the most powerful non-nuclear warhead in the world.

Expensive show of force

Edward Snowden in his comments said: "The bomb dropped today, it is not clear where cost 314 million dollars." Snowden has placed a fragment of a comic book, in which one of the characters asks another: "Just to clarify. We can run 59 missiles "Tomahawk" for 1,4 million dollars, but can not afford the program "Meals on Wheels"? ".

Famous whistleblower in this case was inaccurate. 314 million dollars is the cost of the entire development program MOAB. But it is obvious that separately taken extra heavy bomb is very expensive ammunition.

"It is unlikely that operational and tactical point of view, it is necessary to use such weapons," - he said in comments the newspaper VIEW deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Andrei Klimov.

"Trump is not the first to use such a bomb - said the newspaper LOOK professor at the Academy of Military Sciences Vadim Kozyulin. - At the time, this kind of bombs used even our Soviet troops against the Mujahideen. "

On the one hand, you might think that the use of an aircraft bomb was a winning move, the expert said. In the mountains, convenient to hide in the tunnels, organize ammunition depots, fortified fortifications. To deal with this ground forces is very difficult, because to drive militants out easy.

But on the other hand, over the years since 16 2001, we see that military means do not solve the problem in Afghanistan, said the expert.

But the explosion - a test in combat conditions that has turned the US industry suggests Andrei Klimov. One of the objectives - "to blur the boundaries between nuclear and non-nuclear weapons," says the senator.

Trying to dominate with an element of military threat

Klimov added, one of the countries - for the purposes of demonstration of the American military-industrial complex developments is now North Korea. It is no accident there is a nearby US Navy and are leak that possible pre-emptive strike on North Korea's military facilities, he added.

"Trump presidency begins with the use of force, he expects that power methods will work", - stated Vadim Kozyulin. The expert stressed that the current US president gives orders about strikes or special operations in five and a half times more than Barack Obama.

The same conclusion comes and CNN. Recent rocket attacks in Syria and the bombing in Afghanistan show that Trump "comes to talk of pulling the trigger," said broadcaster.

The main "diplomatic effects" of a bombshell was the increase of tension in the world. "The test in Afghanistan - is an attempt world domination with an element of military threat, which threatens a new round of arms race," - said the RIA "Novosti" a member of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council Igor Morozov.

Have a blast there and the internal political message. "Inside the US should strengthen Rating Trump, and it should be perceived as a tough, resolute politician who can take tough, decisive action against anyone who stands in his way," - said the newspaper VIEW assistant professor of MGIMO Kirill Koktysh political theory.

A source: LOOK

Author: Marina Baltachevo, Michael Moshkin

Tags: Trump, the US Airstrike, bomb Afghanistan, IG, Armament, Research, Policy

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