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Trump decided to save on the State Department

Washington does not intend to finance projects of the State Department (wider - plans "soft power" to foreign countries) in the same volume. Posted March 16 sketch of the expenditure part of the federal budget suggests that the monetary possibilities foreign minister could fall by a quarter.

In return, the United States will rely on the army and navy. According to Director of Management and Budget of the White House Mick Mulvaney, it is a consistent policy pursued by President Trump: replacement of "soft power" to "hard".

The budget, which horrified "green"

The first draft of the financial plan for 2018 was published by the White House at the end of February 2017, provoking not only a wave of criticism of the Democrats, but also objections from the Republicans. At Trump's suggestion, the US needed to redistribute the money in such a way as to get the opportunity to increase defense spending. The president was ready to send under the knife environmental programs, humanitarian research, assistance to the indigent. In addition, reduce by a quarter 30-billion budget programs known as "assistance to foreign states," including, among other things, the cost of promoting democracy.

Not satisfied with this important decision, Trump found it possible to reduce the funding of targeted assistance programs to buy food, known as the Food Stamps Program. But remained intact veterans support program.

In some cases, it can be assumed that the desire of the president to cut costs hides not only the desire to save at any cost. The EPA environmental monitoring program is engaged in research on climate change. It is not surprising that Trump is not ready to fully pay for her work, because during his election campaign he repeatedly called the concept of global warming fraud. After 16 March published the figures of the new draft budget, it became clear that the EPA is waiting for starvation: due to lack of funding, the agency will have to fire about three thousand of its employees.

Who will pay for the wall with Mexico?

Outrage critics Trump can be understood if we take into account what the allocated funds redistributed. Two months after taking office, the first time Trump has de facto acknowledged that the construction of the wall against migrants on the border with Mexico will be financed from the US budget. Estimated cost estimates - 1,4 billion dollars. Earlier, Trump argued that Mexicans will pay - perhaps through additional taxation of goods from that country.

The need to combat illegal immigration can be explained by an increase in charges to the police, the proposed Trump. According to unconfirmed reports, distributed by the US media, the US President in a conversation with his Mexican counterpart threatened to use in Mexico of US law enforcement, if Latin American country is not able to regulate their own migration flows.

However, the main victor in the struggle for the division of the budget pie in version Trump becomes a military department. Its budget the White House is going to increase in the 50 billion dollars - the most significant increase since the days of President Ronald Reagan in 1980-x.

The budget of a large deficit

The main problem facing the Trump when he divides the taxpayers' money can be formulated as follows: how to increase spending without increasing taxes.

The program of the current president on the stage of the campaign was criticized for the combination of the right and left elements: rather high spending and low budget allocations. Logic output in this situation, it becomes deficit.

Even though the final draft of the US budget will be presented in May 2017 years, and because it is still impossible to estimate the size of the deficit, all indications are that it will be significant.

A source: RIA News

Author: Igor Gashkov

Tags: USA, Trump, Budget, Economy

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