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Trump: the United States do not insist on removal of Assad

Washington believes that Syrian President Bashar Assad will lose power, but the US did not insist on it as a condition for a peaceful settlement, said the head of the American state, Donald Trump.

"Do we insist on it? No. But I think it will happen at some stage ", - he said.

According to him, the world is in Syria, while maintaining the Assad government "hard to imagine", but not "impossible", according to TASS.

Wall Street Journal writes that, according to Trump, in the case of use of chemical weapons Damascus required "once a military response," the United States. "Response", he said, are possible when using Damascus barrel bomb.

In this Trump is not going to "profoundly interfere" in the situation in Syria, because "there are other battles", more important for the United States (we have in mind the internal problems of the United States).

"We do not need this quagmire," - said Trump.

At a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in the White House, Trump stated that "it's time to put an end to this brutal civil war."

"The terrible killings of civilians with chemical weapons, including defenseless children must firmly reject all countries who value human life," - he said.

Assad while he called the "butcher". He reiterated the civilian casualties, adding that "we need this to do something." Trump has expressed confidence that the US missile strike on Syria was the right solution.

Recall that in recent years, US officials have expressed conflicting statements regarding Washington's opinion about the fate of Assad. The White House said that it no longer seeks the resignation of Assad, believing that the right moment for that has been missed by Baraka Obamy administration.

After that, there were reports that Damascus allegedly responsible for the alleged himataku in Syria. Trump almost immediately announced Assad guilty of himatake and said that he had changed his opinion about the Syrian leader.

The head of the State Department and Rex Tillerson stated that the fate of Assad Syrian people must decide, and what the future leadership of Syria is no place for al-Assad. In addition, he said that the main priority in Syria for the United States is still the struggle against the terrorist organization "Islamic State *" rather than the question of power in Syria.

At the same time the last of the said Tillerson Applications with the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Heyli said that the US has three main priorities: suspension Assad from power, the fight against IG * and "the elimination of Iran's influence." At the same time before she actually first announced that the departure of Assad is no longer a priority for the White House.

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