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Trump: the United States does not know the exact state of affairs in Ukraine

President Donald Trump in an interview with Fox News said that the US does not have accurate information about what is happening in Ukraine.

During the conversation, leading Bill O'Reilly asked Trump to respond to "aggression of pro-Russian forces," taking place in Ukraine. According to the journalist, the conversation immediately after Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin, these forces "expanded the violence in Ukraine", which in the opinion of a journalist should be taken with Trump offense, RIA "Novosti"

"No, I did not take, because we do not know exactly what's going on there. These pro-power, we do not know, they are uncontrolled or controlled - this also happens. We'll find out. I wonder if ... but we'll see, "- said Trump.

Recall, the Russian senator Alexei Pushkov warned Trump on "Ukrainian trap", when the president of Ukraine will try to involve the US in the previous policies of the Barack Obama.

According to the newspaper VIEW, US presidents of Ukraine and Donald Trump, and Petro Poroshenko held a Saturday night phone call, which resulted Poroshenko not received previous support from Washington.

A source: LOOK

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