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Trump: The US will never use energy as a means of pressure

Washington will never use energy as a means of pressure, said US President Donald Trump at the summit of the Inter-Mediterranean - the talks of the leaders of the countries located between the Baltic, Black and Adriatic seas.

"The United States will never use energy to force your countries, and we can not let others do it. We do not want there to be a monopoly (in this area), "he said, Tass reports.

In addition, Trump was in favor of developing contacts with the countries of the Mediterranean. "The US supports your efforts and is ready to be your partner. We want to help you if we talk about energy or other needs, "the US president said.

Also Trump said, That interference in the elections in the US in 2016 could be accomplished "both by Russia and other countries".

A source: LOOK

Author: Alina Nazarova

Tags: Trump, USA, Energy, Europe, Economics